hibernation lessons.

Well hey there, long lost friends!
I've been hibernating.
You know, 
catching up on sleep...
and eating everything in site.
It feels good!

I've learned some very important lessons during this hibernation.
Here are the top 2.

Lesson #1.
I went on a rant the other day about how crazy expensive razors were.
My Venus replacement heads are like 25 dollars.
So I decided to boycott Venus.
I would buy the 2 dollar disposable razors instead.
Great idea!
The next day, 
I used one to shave my pits.
After the first swipe,
I learned a very valuable lesson:
there is a reason they were 2 dollars...
they do not shave the hair,
they pluck each hair individually.

Lesson #2.
 Hubs had to preach last Sunday.
Saturday night,
he was super nervous.
So being a good wife,
I told him I was going to pray over him.
I leaned my forehead against his forehead,
and away I went.
I prayed for peace, 
I prayed for wisdom,
I prayed for courage,
and before I could pray anymore,
Tyler pulled his head away and started gagging.
I asked him what was wrong,
and his reply was
"Please stop breathing."
Don't eat 10 pounds of ranch dip before praying over husband...
apparently your breath will smell like vomit.

My hibernation is over,
I have to get ready for the in-loves (in-laws)!

I hope y'all have a fabulous day!


Now Rejoice!

Brit from These Happy Times is doing a series called Now Rejoice.
She asked me to take part-
and I shared my story on her blog today.
You should check it out!

Happy Tuesday!


this might surprise you...

 between me and the end of the semester!
and I will finally be an RN.
I'm hearing angels sing right now.
I had a huge test today,
and let me tell you.
It was beyond rough.
Studying for this test was horrible.
I couldn't focus.
At all.
Want to know why?
How about I just show you why...
I'm pretty sure he is on steroids.
He was on our game camera 
(from one night last week)
BEHIND our house!
He is the reason I haven't been able to concentrate.
 You see,
hunting is in my blood...
and as soon as I saw this picture,
I about died.
I want him.
From the time I saw him 
 up until this very second,
I have been day dreaming
about eating him.
That's right.
I mean,
I want to get my picture taken with him and all...
but I mainly want to eat him.
I only like 3 meats.
turkey, chicken, and deer.
I want to put him in my freezer.
You didn't know I was quite this country, did ya?


it's been one of those days.

I can't believe it's already November.
Only one more month until this semester is over.
It is kicking my booty.
I've already started a count down to May.
I will be studying my butt off from now until Thursday.
I have the zit the size of Mount Rushmore on the side of my nose...
and it's so stinkin' sore...
but I keep pushing on it anyway.
I had to get up at 4:45 this morning.
I spent all day in a psychiatric hospital...
a patient taught me some sweet dance moves.
He said he was Magic Mike's brother.
I almost stayed there.
I got a sneak peak of one of the pictures from our one year anniversary session-
and it made my day better.

Hope you survived your Monday!