What a show!

What I'm about to tell you is going to be pretty descriptive.
Since I am a nurse, and all, I am completely comfortable with talking about human anatomy.
Moving on.

I bought some new scrubs a few weeks ago, and I wore one of the tops today.
I thought I was hot stuff this morning.
I clocked in at 8:30AM.
As soon as I got there, the patients started to pour in.
One right after another.
I love when we are busy because my day zooms by.
The rush finally died down and I was able to go to the bathroom at 11:40AM.
While I was bent over, washing my hands, I looked up into the mirror and gasped.
I could see my belly button.
Meaning, the neck of my scrub top was hanging down so low that I could clearly see my navel.
Not only could I see my navel...I could also see my boobs.
Not only could I see my boobs...but they are so small that my bra was also gaping open...
and my nips were shining bright.
I realized, after saying "hey" to my nips, that I had been bending over like that to take blood pressures ALL MORNING.
And the tables are just the right height for the patient's eyes to be front and center.
Good grief.
That's professional.
For three hours I had been giving everyone a peep show.
For once, I'm glad I'm not busty...I have hopes that some of the patients thought they were just bug bites.

I told Tyler about my accidental naughty nurse behavior, and with a sideways smile, his reply was,
"Did you make any tips?"

I've always said that I will do everything I can to help people feel better....
but showing my nips is NOT what I meant by "everything."
If a plethora of elderly men come in tomorrow and request me to be their nurse,
I may die.

On another note, we stopped at Sweet Frog on the way home from Alabama, yesterday!
 It is a frozen yogurt shop.
They have a zillion different flavors and a trillion different toppings.

This is my "I really want to hurry up and take this picture so I can eat the yummy goodness" face.
This is his "I don't really like frozen yogurt but I'm glad you're excited" face.
Why yes, that is peanut butter frozen yogurt, Butterfinger pieces, strawberries, cookie dough pieces, and marshmallow cream:)


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I watched Tyler play Super Mario Brothers, today.
He was terrible.
He just couldn't get by those "things with the shells" (the turtles).
He made it to level 5.
Bless his heart.
Watching him fall in the fire, run into turtles, and fall down holes repeatedly...
and watching his serious frustration/anger while he fussed at Mario...
made me laugh uncontrollably;
because I beat Super Mario Brothers when I was ten years old, 
and he is twenty-six.
It also made me fall in love with him, even more.
Love is a funny, crazy, amazing, and absolutely wonderful thing.


Play By Play

Play by play of my trip to Alabama.
I am sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight.
My flight was supposed to take off at 7:26.
It's delayed.
Normally I would be bummed,
Right now, I am relieved.
Because we were running late.
And because I may have avoided a strip search.
I ran into the airport at 7, praying that it didn't leave early.
 When I heard that it was about an hour delayed, I decided to go through my purse.
Do you remember what I carry in my purse?
If not, go back to my Peep Please! post.
Look at the picture.
What item do you think would not be good to take on a plane?
I'll give you a hint.
It is pink...and it is used to spray people in the face.
That probably wouldn't have gone over well with the security guard.
My luck, I would have been strip searched.

 I’m on the plane now.   
You know how I was talking about being stripped searched?
When I went through security, there were about 6 secutity guys. 
 They all greeted me with kind smiles.   
I walked through the metal detector with no problem, and right when one of the guys was getting ready to say, “you’re good to go,”   I heard “DING, DING, DING!!” 
All 6 of the security guards smiles immediately turned into a MEAN faces.
 One of them said, “You have been randomly selected to be more thoroughly searched.” 
I wanted to kick him in the face….at that moment, I really wished I still had my mace.
I was panicking in my mind…but I tried to stay calm and collected.   
After all, I didn’t want them to know that I was panicking….
that would have made me look suspicious.  
All 6 security guys discussed what they were going to do.   
One of them said “mam, please step behind this curtain.” 
Another guy spoke up and said “no, let’s just do the hand check.” 
Hand check? 
  They ended up wiping my hands with some type of napkin thing and ran it through a machine to see if I had been touching bomb material.
 (I guess that’s what they were checking for)
Thank the Lord.  No touching of my body.

I’m sitting on the plane now.  We were getting ready to start down the runway when air traffic control called the pilot and told him we couldn’t take off for another 31 minutes. 
I want to see my hubs, dang it!!!
It’s 9:02.  We’re finally in the air.!
Every time I fly, when I’m a gazillion feet in the air, I think about how unnatural it is for such a large object to be in the sky, and how crazy I am for being in the large object. 
 I know it’s all about the aerodynamics and stuff…but seriously. 
 Here are some other things I think/do when I’m in the sky:
 1. I am constantly on the watch of suspicious behavior…and I prepare myself to kill bad guys, if necessary
2. I listen to people snore…like the guy who is sawing logs, directly behind me, as we speak; 
3. I read the pamphlet  about how to use my seat as a flotation device, even though I am usually not traveling over any large bodies of water…but hey, if we crash and my side of the plane ends up in a pool/creek/river…I'll be ready.
 4. I inspect my barf bag and make sure there are no holes.. I’ve never had to use one…but I like to be prepared.
 5. I go into a mini panic attack when we hit turbulance….like we are RIGHT NOW..and while I’m panicking,(like I am RIGHT NOW) I wonder HOW ON EARTH CAN THE GUY BEHIND ME STILL BE SNORING?!
6. Oh, and I also go through old pictures on my computer, and laugh hysterically when I come across ones like these.

I made it.
Hey there, Alabama:)


Oh, procrastination.

I need to apologize.
I apologize for being the WORST blog friend on the face of the planet.
Forgive me!

So what's been my problem?
One word.
I took 2 psychology classes (for my BSN) this semester.
They were online classes. 
Online classes are not for procrastinators.
In my mind, online classes mean that I don't have to go to class (I just have to go to the college to take the tests), I don't have homework, and I don't have to do anything.
In January, I got my syllabuses.
I looked at the class schedule, I saw all of the deadlines and I thought,
"I just have one test a month, that will be cake. I have all the time in the world!"
One test a month, huh?
Yep. And each test was on about 200-300 pages.
I talked myself into thinking that wasn't a lot.
I put off reading until the night before every test...and then I was reminded that I read slower than a snail runs.
I did that for every test. All four of them.
Long story short, I had my exams this week...and I hadn't studied at all...so I had to hardcore cram.
That's where I've been.
I am finally able to catch up on all of your lives and spread some blog love!!!!!

On another note, I survived my second night alone, and I plan to live through the third one.
You all should say "Hi" to my mom.
I'm pretty sure she was the Anonymous user that left creepy comments on my post yesterday.
At least I hope that was her.
Hey Mom! Thanks a lot for trying to scare me ;)


God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

My hubs is out of town.
His grandpa passed away on Sunday afternoon, so he drove home (to Alabama) yesterday morning.
I have exams this week, so I am flying to Alabama on Thursday night.
We will be apart for 4 days and 3 nights.
I've never had to stay in our house by myself, so last night was definitely....
Yes. I am a chicken!
For some reason when I turn on the TV, it seems to ALWAYS be on some kind of investigation.
You know.
This girl was minding her own business when all of a sudden...
she disappeared, or she was kidnapped, or she was murdered, or some strange man came up to her and licked her elbow.
And of course I can't change the channel.
So I sit there.
 With my eyes as big as saucers.
And say things like, "oooo," "oh my gosh," "what if a guy hides under my car," "where's my mace," 
and so on.
 Last night, my mom asked me if I wanted to stay with them so I wouldn't have to be alone.
(note that when she gave me that invitation, it was during daylight hours)
Noooooo. Mom, I am a married woman....I can handle it.....I'm not scared...pshhh.
And then it got dark outside.
And this chick's brain immediately went to a scary place.
I decided to make rounds...with mace in hand and brave pup by my side.
 I made sure all of the windows and doors were locked.
I made sure all of the floors (underneath the beds), closets, and showers were uninhabited.
I made sure EVERY light in the house was on.
 Then I went to sleep bed.
One of the noises, I heard, was a scratching sound on the bedroom window...and I was certain that it was a scary, red eyed, drooling, stringy haired, killer.
The last time I looked at the clock, it was 2 in the morning...and I was praying and singing 

One night down,
only two more to go.

 I imagine this is what my face looked like, all night...even when I was sleeping.

Happy Tuesday!


Confident and Beautiful

"The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects." 

"An imperfection, often concealed."
"A fault, blemish, or undesirable feature."

 I have struggled with those words, for years.  I have a 15 inch scar on my back from 2 surgeries and 30 radiation treatments (the picture is just a portion of it).  Because of this scar, the word flaw has been part of my every day thoughts.
That's such a huge, ugly flaw- that was a thought that constantly went through my head..
and over time, that thought turned into- I am flawed.
What made me think I was flawed?
The word scar isn't in the definition of perfection.
And if what I have learned- for twenty-two years- is correct, perfection equals beauty, right?
Did my definition of perfection (beauty) come from what I saw on TV and on the cover of magazines?
Of course.  Why wouldn't that be my definition?
They didn't have to say "HEY THIS IS WHAT PERFECTION IS," it was just understood.
Perfect hair, perfect size, perfect boobs, perfect legs, perfect arms, perfect skin, not one blemish on your face...etc, etc.
So, if a characteristic doesn't fit into those categories, then it's a flaw, right?
Here's the thing,
Oh wait, what about those people on TV and on the cover of those magazines?
They aren't perfect either.
They are Photoshopped.  We know that.  They've told us.
  Everyone has flaws.
So why do we I still strive to be something unrealistic?
Who said that flaws weren't beautiful?
Well I'm saying they ARE beautiful.

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."
~ Sophia Loren
"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful."
~ Alice Walker
"Confidence is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without confidence."
~Author Unknown
I've been terrified to wear a bikini for 7 years.  
As of today, I'm choosing to be confident.  I'm choosing to be flawed beautiful.
I ordered a bikini.

Let's be confident and flawed beautiful!
Who's with me?


Every night, he snuggles his way in between us and sleeps like this.  I think he's comfortable.

STATIC FACE!  He likes to rub his face on the carpet, and when he's done, he looks at me like this.

I hope everyone has a perfect weekend! 
We've been having beautiful 70 degree weather;
BUT I've heard some ugly rumors.
Supposedly we are supposed to get 27 inches of snow on Sunday. 
What in the world!
I'll let you know if the predictions are correct.


Throwin it back again!


I don't know what to say.
So I'm going to state the obvious...
Which of the following statements is true?
A. Someone got a little tease happy
B. I was allowed to stick my finger in a light socket
C. Joe Dirt is my father
D. All of the above

If you answered "D," sadly, you are probably correct.
If you don't know who Joe Dirt is, I will describe his appearance in 2 words:
Massive Mullet

Thanks, Mom!


Sweet Surprise

A few hours after I got home from work yesterday, I had a very sweet surprise waiting for me!
My cousins, Edna and Clarence, from Florida, were here! 
Edna is my grandpa's first cousin, so technically, she is my third cousin. I don't pay attention to the first, second, and third junk though. A cousin is a cousin! (I also call her husband my cousin, because marriage makes you family!)

Do you remember Edna and Clarence?  If not, you can click on "Our Story" to see who they are.
I am going to explain, with a little more detail, why they are so special to me.

Here's the story.
They are both from here, White Sulphur Springs, WV.
About 40 years ago they decided to pack everything they owned in their car,
and drive south until they felt like stopping, and where ever they stopped, they would live.
They stopped in Callahan, FL and called it home.
They started going to a church.
Thirty-five years later (2007), a guy named Tyler Ingram got a job offer to be the praise and worship leader at that church.
Two years later (2009), Edna and Clarence decided to visit their family in WV.
While they were in WV, Edna went to a yard sale with her sister.
While they were at the yard sale, Edna heard about a girl who had cancer.
She learned that the girl's name was Autumn, and she was her cousin...well, she was "technically" her third cousin.
She found out that Autumn was going to Jacksonville, Florida, in one month for six weeks of radiation treatments.
Callahan was only thirty minutes away from Jacksonville.
Edna found Autumn and invited her, and her family, to stay with them during her radiation treatments.
Autumn accepted the invitation and one month later, on a Sunday, she went to Callahan to stay with them.
They all went to church that night, and guess who was singing as they walked in?
And the rest is history.

If my sweet cousins hadn't packed up their car and stopped in Callahan, 40 years ago,  I may not have met my best friend.
Yeah, they pretty much the definition of awesome.

I hope your Monday was great and that your Tuesday was even better!


Everyone Does It.

I'm about to get real up in here.

I'm going to talk about a 4 letter word that causes a lot of embarrassment.
It is something I promised myself that I would never do.
It's something I did yesterday.
Needless to say, it caused ME a lot of embarrassment yesterday...but for the sake of newlywed-ness, I am writing this post.
The more I tried to talk myself out of telling you all about it, the more I laughed; 
the more I realized how perfectly it fit in with newly married life.
It's such a gross word.
It can be a noun..or a verb.
It's something a "lady" shouldn't say.
Something a "lady" doesn't do (ha!)
Do you have any guesses?
I can't believe I'm about to write it out for everyone to see.
I think I'm going to vomit.
The embarrassing, four letter, gross word that a "lady" shouldn't say or do, is...
Oh my gosh.
There it is.
Out in the open.
(no pun intended...or maybe it is) 

How does this relate to newlywed life?
Well, I feel like I'm probably not the only new wife who believed and had high expectations that she would never do that in front of her husband.
I also feel like I'm probably not the only new wife who didn't live up to her expectations.  

Here's how it went down.
We were on our way to Roanoke, yesterday.
We were going to shop, eat dinner, watch a movie, and pick my dad up from the airport.
It's a two hour drive.
During the drive, I got a rumbly in my tumbly.
I tried to ignore it, but I quickly realized the feeling wasn't going to go away.
It was there to stay.
So I quickly made a plan in my head.
Just do it Autumn.  He won't even notice.  And, hey, even if he does notice, he does it ALL THE TIME. Yeah, he's not going to notice. 
So what did I do?
I did it.
And to my HORROR, I heard it.....so I KNEW he had to have heard it.
I sat there in silence, and stared out my window, praying I had just imagined the noise.
Oh, he heard.
He broke the silence by starting the following conversation:
Babe? ummmmm.  What was that noise?
What noise?
Babe.  Did you just fart?
Hahahaha you did! Oh my gosh you did!
I burried my face in my hands
Oh my gosh I'm going to jump out of the truck.
Does it smell?   
TYLER! Oh my gosh....I am so embarrassed...
Because if it does, you should probably roll down the window...there's a slight chance that if I smell it, I might not find you attractive anymore.
After he said that, my awkwardness/embarrassment/horror began to fade and we have never laughed so hard in our lives. 

Hey, everyone does it! But just because I did it once, doesn't mean I will EVER do it again.
Hooray for awkward/embarrassing newlywed moments!
I dare you to tell yours:)



Choco Fest 2012!

Will I be attending the Chocolate Festival in 2013?
It was so much fun.
My belly is still full from all of the delicious chocolate treats that I consumed, today.
If I wake up tomorrow and don't have a million fat rolls, I will be extremely surprised.
I took some pictures, but not as many as I wanted to take.
My intentions were to take a picture of each thing I ate.
As soon as I would pick up a piece of chocolate,  I would immediately stuff it in my mouth.
Here is a picture Tyler took of me when I wasn't paying attention.
There may or may not have been a point when I was running around eating any chocolate item that I could get my hands on.

Here are some more pictures:)

I'm not sure who that little girl is or where she came from.  I hope she's not in the Witness Protection Program.
How cute is this!
It was also delicious.
After this picture, I ate the rest in one bite.
Random clown.
This was probably my favorite.
This was probably not my favorite.
This is what I looked like the whole time we were there.
This little fella had lemon inside...YUM.
I'm not sure what this one was.
Oh, hey there, handsome!
We also found a store (the one that I got the high heel sucker from) that sold TOMS.
Black Sparkles:)
This is why I buy them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!



Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I am so excited for this weekend, mainly tomorrow!
Today, during my lunch break, I bought tickets to the 6th Annual Lewisburg Chocolate Festival.
It is 20 minutes from my house and I have never gone!
How have I not gone to an event that has "Chocolate" and "Festival" in it's name?!
If I have heard correctly, the streets of Lewisburg are filled with all kinds of chocolate treats to sample.
Since I am a lover of both festivals and chocolate, I'm super EXCITED!

Also, I decided to inspect my cell phone today.
 Eight months ago, I randomly dropped an iron on it's screen.
How did I drop an iron on my cell phone? I don't even know.
 Because of the impact of the iron, the screen appeared to to have a crack in it.
It looked like the touch screen was peeling off.
It still worked, though, so I didn't worry about getting it fixed.
For the past 8 months, I have babied my phone and have been careful not to "peel" the screen any more.  I didn't want to make the damage worse.
Like I was saying, 
I was inspecting it today.
 I thought I would just take the bull by the horns and peel the rest of my touch screen off.
You know, I wanted to be a rebel. 
I wanted to take a walk on the wild side.
I started peeling from the outside edges, in.
To my surprise, it peeled off quick and easy.
Guess why.
Because what I thought was the "touch screen" was actually the screen protector that came on my phone over 2 years ago.
Apparently I never took it off.
So when I dropped the iron on my screen 8 months ago, it tore the screen protector, it didn't hurt my phone at all.
Since I peeled that touch screen protector off, my phone looks brand new!

Now it's time to link up with Fur Baby Friday!

Oh how I love my BayLee boy!
We took this picture today:)
He thinks dominoes are boring.

He's not sure why he can't sit and eat at the table like the rest of us.

  I hope your Friday was perfect and that your weekend is FABULOUS!

I wanted to share a couple of things with you all.
I have Instagram now!
Let's follow each other:)

I am setting up a "give away" as we speak!
If you like one of a kind, BEAUTIFUL, hand made jewelry...
you should probably click here
look at all the pretty things,
and get excited!


I'm Throwin' It WAY back!

Today I'm linking up with Monica for Throwback Thursday!

I'm throwin' it back to 1993.
 Thanks Mom, for letting me show off my incredible fashion sense at 4 years old :)
I wish I had that outfit right now.
Especially that hat.
 I mean, check out those coordinating colors...
I have a blue ribbon around the rim of my hat AND on my waist.
I totally should have been a fashion designer.

Oh. And here's what I look like at work every day.
And by "what I look like at work everyday" I don't mean that I wear the same outfit everyday.
I mean that I always have a big goofy grin and am overly excited to be all nursey and such.
Yes, I am "that" overly cheerful nurse.
If I went to the doctor, feeling like death, and I had me as a nurse, I would be relieved that I had a nice nurse, but I would probably want to punch myself in the face, too.
Oh well:)

And please look past my XXXXXXXL thumb.  
I broke it when I was 14....and it has been three times it's original size, ever since.
It's so huge that when I get gel tips put on, the people have to get the little box of TOE NAIL tips for it..
I try to avoid getting tips because, watching them put a toenail on my thumb...yeah, that makes me feel pretty self conscious.



I'm getting ready to head to bed, because I have to get up extra early in the morning, but I wanted to share my favorite quote of the day.
It came from my husband.
We were having the following conversation:
Tyler- I don't really like my beard.
Me- I love your beard!
Tyler- I think I may shave it off.
Me- Noooo.
Tyler- Are you trying to tell me I look ugly without my beard?
Me- No, I'm trying to tell you that when you shaved it off last time, your mouth looked JUST like your dad's mouth...and I couldn't kiss you without thinking about your dad.
(And here's the quote!)
Tyler- I mean, what do you expect? I did come from his loins.
You got me with that one Tyler, you got me.

Here's a picture from the last time he shaved his beard off.
I think I may have to get used to it.
After all, he is his father's son.
(I was going to quote what Tyler said, again, but saying it earlier made me feel weird.)

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


Toilet Paper


On August 6, 2011, I became a wife and the toilet paper fairy.
My poor hubs can't put a roll of toilet paper on the holder, to save his life.
I'm not sure.
Since putting the toilet paper on the holder is my official job, I have noticed that the holder is empty
I buy the HUGE rolls, too. You know, the ones that are equal to four regular rolls?
I usually don't go around asking people how many rolls of toilet paper their house uses per week, I feel like that might be inappropriate,  but I think my house my husband uses more than normal.
Here's the math:  if the rolls I buy are equal to four regular rolls, and we go through one roll every two days...that would be (roughly) three rolls per week.  
Three (mega rolls) x four (regular rolls) = twelve (regular rolls).
Twelve rolls per week.
I'm pretty sure that's not normal...
I told Tyler that I felt like I was constantly going to the store to get toilet paper.
He told me that I must be imagining things.
Yesterday, the truth was unveiled.

My dad's grocery store has a new coupon machine right by the entrance. 
 When you go in, you scan your "savings card," the machine looks at your shopping history, and then prints off ten coupons that are related to the items you purchase most frequently.
So I scanned our card, and out came our coupons.
Five of the ten coupons were for toilet paper!
I have my proof and he has accepted his toilet paper problem:)
I may send him to rehab.

Living with a guy is too much fun!


"I think she beat ya man!"

Hey friends!
I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!

Here is a quick summary of mine!

Tyler and I started a tradition.
We wanted to make little Easter baskets for each other.
We decided on a $25 limit (per basket) and away we went.
(to Walmart, of course!)
When we got there, we were going to separate, get the stuff, check out, then meet at the car.
But we ran into a problem.
I forgot my debit card.
Since we couldn't check out on separate sides of the store, we decided that when we were finished filling our baskets, we would call each other and meet up front.
Problem solved. No biggie.
About thirty minutes later, just as we had planned, we met up front. 
To keep from seeing what we got each other, we stood side by side in line and held the baskets behind our backs.
When it was time to check out, Tyler went first. 
I turned around while the lady rang him up.
Tyler paid, handed me his debit card, and turned around so the lady could ring me up.
I laid Tyler's basket and all of it's contents on the counter...
and to my horror
the random guy behind me said 

what. the. heck.
I spent half an hour sneaking around Walmart...
so I could surprise my huaband....
and the most random guy on the planet had the urge to tell him (pretty much) everything that was in his basket?
I was livid...but Tyler and I laughed about it all the way home:)

Tyler worked on our deck!

We had an AWESOME service at church!
After church, we came home and had a huge cookout at my grandparents :)
First Easter as Mr. & Mrs!
And here are our baskets! The HUGE bag of Sweettart Jelly Beans is covering up a bunch of things, oh well:)

Happy Tuesday-eve!


It's a bird, it's a plane..no, it's a half bus... half horse trailer?

Friends, first, I have a question for you. 

What is this?

This Eighth Wonder of the World caught my eye as I was about to walk into my hub's office.  
My best guess is that a bus driver decided that he wanted to be a cowboy...he didn't need a bus anymore, but he did need something to haul his horses....so he improvised?
 Do you all have any guesses or stories to go with this picture?? 

I have news!
This awesome lady gave me an award today!

My New Wife Life

It's the Versatile Blogger Award.

Each Nominee Should:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site
4. Share seven completely random facts about yourself
5. Include this set of rules
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination

I nominate:
Jes @ Two Smuppies 
Nikki @ The Pink Growl 
Lyndsey @ Life as a Wife 
Tiffany @ Little Tiffanista 
Annmarie @ momto8blog 
Alycia @ Crowley Party 
Rachael @ All Things Beautiful 

Now for some more random facts about myself.

1.  I still run and jump into bed (when it's dark)..you know,  just in case something under the bed tries to grab my leg.
2.  I used to be in loooove with Aaron Carter.  My room was filled with life sized posters of him..and I kissed them when no one was looking.  I told Tyler that's how I developed my insanely awesome kissing skills ;)
3.  I LOVE CEREAL.  Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles are awesome.
4.   I hate online classes.
5.  I dry heaved, at work, when I watched another nurse irrigate a patient's ear.  I was fine until  I saw a foot long black and brown chunk of earwax plop into a bowl of water.  Ok, maybe it wasn't a foot long, but it was pretty large.  I just dry heaved again.
6.  My mom bought a pregnancy test and gave it to Tyler.  I think is trying to say she wants a grandchild?
7.  I almost punched a man in the throat today...I did some intense contemplating...
 (I'll tell you about that on Monday)


Am I really thinking about anklebiters?

Sooo one of the five lovely ladies that I gave the Liebster Award to, had received it once before. I feel like that gives me permission to give it to one more person! That girl is Whitney over at as luck would have it :)  

The answer, to the title of this post, is....yes.  I am thinking of babies. I may have baby fever.  Note that I said may have....even though I know I definitely have it.  I'm scaring myself.  My husband is also scaring me.  Why?  Because, today,  when I told him that I may be developing the fever, he just smiled.  His didn't stare at me in horror and he didn't tell me to "pump my brakes" (like usual.)  He didn't say ANYTHING.  He just smiled.  Weird.  Oh, and while we were watching television tonight, there was a commercial with a baby in it..and he talked about how cute the baby was.
What on earth is happening to us???? 

My brain is morphing into a brain that I'm not used to.
My thoughts have changed.
For instance, I started taking prenatal vitamins about 3 years ago.
No, not because I was pregnant/wanting to get pregnant.
I was taking them for my hair and nails.  If you want your hair and nails to grow super fast, prenatal vitamins are like GOLD.  Mine are GUMMIES, too!!! They are delicious! 
Anyway, when I started taking them 3 years ago, every time I would take one I would think hellooooooo sexy nails and hair! 
Now, when I take them, I think baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, oh yeah, baby.
This has got to stop! 
I want babies! BUT I also want it to be just the 2 of us for a few years.
This fever is starting to get pretty intense, though.   I mean, I have a board on Pinterest called "Ideas for my future baby Ingrams." Oh, and we also named them.  
Oh my word.
This is SCARY.
Who am I????
And what did the smiley guy do with my husband?!


Liebster and the GINORMOUS Bee

Liebster- favorite/dearest
I had every intention of doing this yesterday, but I was an old woman and went to bed at 7 last night.
So as I said on Monday, I was given this award and I am super excited about it!
Now, I have to follow the rules.
Here are the rules:)

1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the Liebster award to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.

4. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've recevied the award.
5. Share five random facts about yourself!
Maybe another reason I didn't do this yesterday is because ALL of your blogs are awesome, I love them all.  I have trouble picking out shampoo....so this is tough! I know that a lot of you will receive the award from the 5 ladies I picked, so that makes it a little easier.
Here are my final 5:
Mrs. Robinson @ My New Wife Life 
Crystal @ Skittle Bug 
Cassie @ Ben & Cassie
Michelle @ On The Adventure
Ok. 5 Random facts about myself?
1. I am terrified of hot air balloons. Why? I have no clue.  All I know is that if I see one, I want to vomit. Seriously, just thinking about it now, makes me want to barf. gross. Balloons shouldn't be allowed to be that big.
2.  I am 5'9.  I didn't wear heels until after I met Tyler.  I was always afraid that if I wore heels, I would randomly meet my future husband and would be towering over him.  Now that I have my hubby, I wear them ALL the time. Everyday (almost). 
3.  I'm not a violent person.  I'm not mean.  However, I do get annoyed by a few certain people...and sometimes I daydream about casually tripping them. I know, I KNOW...how terrible.
4.  I am addicted to caramel frapes from McDonalds (I don't have a Starbucks close by, and these are amazing!)
5.  It bothers me when people use "your" and "you're" incorrectly. It's not that difficult!

Quick story.

I came home from work today and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my husband had started building our deck.  I stood on the porch and admired him while he put his tools away for the day.  When he had finished, he walked up on the porch to talk to me.  I told him about my day and asked about his.  He told me (in a very in depth manor) about his day, but I didn't hear a word he said.  All I could think about was the HUGE bee that was quickly approaching the side of his face. I stood there in amazement as I watched my crazy husband act like the monster bee was no big deal. The bee bumped against his beard.  And still, no reaction.  Then the bee flew around his cheek and went straight for his nose.  He immediately jumped back and swatted the bee repeatedly.  HOLY CRAP! That's the biggest bee I've ever seen!!!  I was confused.  Why was he acting so surprised?  Why hadn't he swatted at it when it was beside his face? So I asked him.  Babe, why didn't you swat at that bee 5 minutes ago?  What do you mean? That sucker came out of nowhere!  Um. No. That bee was right beside your face for like 5 minutes before it decided to dive at your nose.  Autumn! And you didn't you tell me?? You know that, when I wear my glasses, I can only see things right in front of my face. 
You know when I said, "I stood there in amazement as I watched my crazy husband act like the monster bee was no big deal."? 
DUH! OF COURSE he was acting like the biggest bee on earth was "NO BIG DEAL"!... He had no idea the GINORMOUS bee was even there! He couldn't SEE IT!
(He can't see at all without his contacts/glasses.  And, of course he can't see peripherally when he wears his glasses...glasses only go in front of your face.)
So in reality, I just stood there, watched, and did absolutely nothing as the biggest bee in the universe, planned to attack my poor, blind husband's face.

 I'm such a good wife.