Hubs and I make fun of each other
about things we say.
if I try to say a word...and it comes out all jumbled up,
he says, "what was that?" or "say that again?"
We could be a mile away from each other and still hear and make fun of word jumbles.
We also do this with songs.
If he is singing away at a song and 
A. belts out a line that sounds nothing like the actual lyrics
(but swears up and down he's right.....)
B. is singing his heart out with confidence and realizes he has no idea what the next line is,
so immediately starts to hum/drop his voice volume down to 0 and pretend to sing it in a whisper.
I say
"what was that?" or "why don't ya sing that a little louder?"

It's fun and frustrating at the same time.

Here are two recent word mishaps that I won't let him live down.

We were on our way to Walmart a few days ago when the following conversation occurred:
me- I need to remember to get some mascara.
hubs- but you're wearing mascara right now....doesn't that mean you have some?
me- no, I used it all up today. 
hubs- you just bought mascara like...last month, shouldn't you still have some left?
me- what are you? a mascara connoisseur?
hubs- well no, I don't eat mascara.
me- ....... *insert pee your pants laughter*......
hubs- what? is that not what connoisseur means? consume....connoisseur? 
me- no babe...it means that you're an expert on something. 
hubs- nuh uh.
me- let me just google it for you.

We were sitting on the couch the other night,
and at one point I went into the kitchen to get something.
When I came back,
Baylee had taken my seat.
I looked at Baylee and said
What do you think you're doing mister?
and hubs yells
*insert pee your pants laughter*
hubs- what? 
me- did you just say meat??!
hubs- well yeah.....move your meat ....lose your seat.
(I have to let you know that when he was saying the phrase for the second time, he pointed at his butt when he said meat...you know, just in case I didn't understand what he was saying.)
me- I'm pretty positive it's feet...not meat.
hubs- nuh uh.
me- let me just google that for you.

I sure do love that boy. There's never a dull moment.
Oh and if you haven't already guessed,
 my #1 marriage advice when it comes to song lyric/saying/word definition debates is
If you're confident enough to whip google out, you're probably going to win


poo on you, MTV!

Hey y'all!
Have you seen West Virginia's amazing debut on MTV???
It's called BUCKWILD
(also known, by many, as the redneck Jersey Shore)
and I'm totally one of the main people on it!

(don't be jealous of my face-in-hole bod)
The show makes me cringe.
If you watch it, and enjoy it....don't tell me about it.
It's just building on the typical "West Virginia" stereotype that the media has given us.
whenever something newsworthy happens here,
the news crews don't interview the normal looking West Virginians
(ie. about 96.4% of us).
instead, they hike miles into the woods and interview the creepy person who lives there.
The one-toothed, half naked, hairy, un-showered, person who still uses an outhouse and hasn't seen another human being in 20 years.
And as if that wasn't bad enough,

If you do watch the show,
you will see a lot of things...

 and in case you ever wonder,
I have never done any of the following:

rolled around in mud holes;
squeezed myself in a truck tire and then pushed myself down a hill;
filled the bed of a truck up with water and had a pool party;
dressed like a prostitute
(meaning, I've never worn shorts or shirts that allow others to see my nips and hootie);
and lastly, I've never had to have every other word that comes out of my mouth "bleeped."
 I'm pretty sure the people on that show are the only ones who act like that...
and all I've got to say about them is
bless their hearts!


crazy sister

Hubs admitted that I have one personality trait that makes him uncomfortable.
It's the Crazy Sister Trait.
In a nutshell-
I love watching my brother play basketball.
I get very involved in the games.
I'm usually a pretty quiet person.....
but these games bring out the cray cray in me.
And while I have my crazy on...
I always seem to find the most obnoxious mom on the opposing team.
Let me rephrase that
I always seem to hear and/or see her.
You know..
The one that screams at the top of her lungs when the other team misses a foul shot.
The one that jumps up and down when her son's team fouls the crud out of someone.
The one that knows how EXACTLY how obnoxious she is
and basks in it.
And once I find her,
I believe it is my God given duty to be as obnoxious to her, as she is to me.
I yell louder
I jump higher
I clap harder 
shoot....I might even run up and down the bleachers.
Before I know it,
I'm in the middle of a "who can be more obnoxious" competition.
And I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not...
but hubs says I win every time.

He also says I'm going to get myself killed,
and that I'm not allowed to watch our future children play sports.
I say
Bring it on crazy mama's.
bring. it. on.
You don't wanna mess with this crazy sister.
This beauty was taken at one of my bridal showers. Yeah, you're welcome.


well hey there

Hey! Remember me??
I'm the girl who hasn't blogged in 9 days!
Yes, technically it's been 11....
but I don't usually blog on the weekends,
and saying 9, instead of 11, makes me feel a little better.

The past 11 days have been jam packed.
New years Eve was spent eating lasagna and playing games with family.
I cleaned all day Wednesday,
then washed clothes and packed all day Thursday.
Hubs got home from work at 5pm on Thursday and were Bama bound by 5:30.
When I married into the Ingram family,
I was automatically an aunt to 3 beautiful nieces.
I got to spend a lot of time with them during our visit!

Baylee spent a lot of time with them, too :)

and have any of you played this game???
My oldest niece introduced me to it,
and I am so addicted.....
It's called Happy Jump.
yes....the little red blob with the face is jello.
There's no point,
no winning,
no levels...
you just jump on the little platforms and collect coins.

We headed home on Sunday,
and after 24 blissful days of no school....
I started my last semester on Monday.
Let me say that one more time.
4 more months.
  I get pinned as an RN on May 9th!
I may or may not have downloaded a countdown app.

It's a 35 minute drive to my college,
and the scenery has been absolutely breathtaking.

 Oh, and New Year Resolution??
 To not bite my nails off when I get stressed this semester!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!