First of all-
 The costumes are compliments of hubs.
We wore them to his company Halloween party.
Aren't they sexy?
I know you're super jealous.

Second of all-
I've seen a few of my blog friends do this link-up.
Answering questions about your strange, smelly,  better half.
This week,
I wanted to take part:)

What is the best gift to give your husband?
He explained to me long ago that shopping for him was not difficult.
golf. guitars. guns. hunting. fishing. 
As long as a gift involves any one of those things,
it's the "best."
He actually handed me a Dick's Sporting Good's magazine the other day.
He put stars beside a lot of things.
I'm pretty sure  it's his Christmas list.

What is a meaningful gift that you can give that does not cost money?
The most meaningful, free gift I can give my hubs is scratching him.
I hear "babeeeeeee will you PLEASE scratch me?" at least 5 times a day.
His head, his back, his arms, his beard...
If I were willing, he would gladly let me scratch him for hours days.
If he weren't so darn cute,
it would be annoying ;)

 What is the best gift you have given to him?
I could be mushy here and say "my heart;"
But he still gives me kudos and bonus points for the PS3 I got him for his birthday 3 years ago
 and the gun I bought him last Christmas.
So I'll go with those.
 Oh, and don't ask me what kind of gun.
I have no idea what it is...
he pointed it out, 
I remembered what it looked like,
 went back to the store,
and said I want that green one.

What is the best gift he has given to you?
Of course the material gift would be my bling.
But the all-around best gift he has ever given me is his patience.
He has the patience than Job.
I am pretty uptight and spastic at times...
but he is ALWAYS so patient with me.
He's the bee's knees. 

What are you giving this holiday?
The Dick's Sporting Good's magazine will be my guide this year.
I'm going after the things with the biggest stars beside them. 

please enjoy this random video:

I hope your day is fabulous!


sandy snow

This picture is pretty blurry,
but I am right underneath that blizzard.
Hello first snow of the season.
Sandy snow- if you will.
we don't have nearly as much snow as some parts of my state,
and it' really only affecting 3 things in my life right now:
1. my college is closed today!
2. my hubs will be MIA all day (hunting).
3. my dog won't poop.
I don't know what his deal is.
He refuses to do his do in the snow. 
He just stands there and stares at me.
So I say  
Bay, go!...it's freezing!
he continues to stare
and I just know he's thinking
Oh, what's that mom? What did you say? It's freezing, huh? Exactly. How about YOU go?
then he trots his little booty back into the house.

Time to drink some hot chocolate and catch up on some blogs.
 To all my blog friends who are being affected by the hurricane-
I'm thinking about you and praying for you!


building blocks

One of the building blocks of marriage.
the brutal,
un-sugar coated,
(no sprinkles)
((no cherry))
I like being honest with Tyler.
observe the following examples..

if I see a hair sticking out of his nose, I say:
"ummm...you have Tarzan's swinging vine hanging out of your nose."

if he's sock-less and I notice he needs to clip his toe nails, I say:

if his breath smells like butt, I say:
"Your breath smells like butt."

I could go on and on.
raw, hardcore honesty.
I'm good at it.
But Tyler isn't as good.
I know that sometime in the 14 months we've been married 
I have had butt breath,
a 4 inch long mustache,
one eyebrow,
and many other things that he could have called me out on.
But he never did.
I guess he is afraid he will hurt my feelings.
Let me correct that.
He WAS afraid he would hurt my feelings.
He was finally 100% brutally honest with me.
Not just one time,
but 2 times in about a 3 minute time span.
At church this past Sunday,
we had "event choir" sign ups
(for Christmas).
 One of my friends came up to me and said
"Oh Autumn, you should do it with me!"
my automatic response was
After her and I were finished talking,
she walked away,
and Tyler said....
"You would be a good choir singer.  No one can hear you in the choir."
I wish someone had taken a picture of my facial expression.
I am very aware of my singing abilities.
I know I sound like a dying cow.
But before that comment,
my husband had always sugar coated it by saying,
"Oh stop. You can carry a tune."

I was still in shock by his comment as we were leaving,
and then he said..
"Your face is really shiny."

I've always begged Tyler to be brutally honest with me.
But now that he has been,
I think I am regretting my decision...
because now I know that my husband is also aware of my singing abilities 
and that if the government soaked up the oil on my face,
they could lower gas prices tremendously.

One of the building blocks of divorce marriage,


holy moly.

Yes, those are a pair of my hubs boxer briefs..
and yes, that is a very large hole in the butt..
I  immediately noticed the gaping hole when I pulled them out of the dryer...
I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.
I just didn't understand how in the world that could happen.
That pair was fairly new,
so they weren't just "worn out"
and I know fabric can spontaneously rip...
 but when clothes rip,
it's usually along a seam...
that hole was not along a seam.
(plus, I've never even heard of underwear ripping...I mean, they're stretchy.)
If they had been old, 
or if it had been along a seam,
I wouldn't have been (or be) so confused;
and I definitely wouldn't have laughed like I did.
So in my laughing, confused state,
I held the boxerbriefs,
stuck my hand through the hole,
and pondered on how it got there.
I came up with the following possibilities:

1. Underwear just aren't made like they used to be.
2. It's the new fad...jeans have holes, so why not underwear? 
3. The sonic boom I woke up to a few mornings ago was, in fact, not a sonic boom.
4. He is slowly going commando.
5.  They were laying in the bathroom floor when BayLee came along and discovered a tasty morsel in that particular vicinity.
6. Too much Taco Bell hot sauce.
7. Convenience? 
8. Ventilation?
9. He wears these "holy" underwear on Sundays?

I would bet most of my money on #5...
but all of them are very possible.
Moral of the story is:
 I had no idea it was possible to have a hole that large in the butt of your undies.
My husband teaches me something new every day.


i have a problem..

Have I ever mentioned how much I 
I love having a clean house.
but I hate cleaning.
(is that an oxymoron?)
I have developed, what I believe, is a subconscious problem.
(even though I wouldn't know about it if it was subconscious....just go with it.)
Cleaning Induced ADD.
I decide to hang up the mountain of clothes I tried on and threw down during the week.
I hang up 2 shirts and find myself laying in the floor.
doing absolutely nothing.
just laying there.
hanging out.
I decide to fold clothes.
I fold 3 wash cloths and then realize I've been on Facebook for an hour.
I decide to wash dishes.
After I scrub a couple of plates,
 I decide to find my hubs and give him a hug.
Not a normal 5 second hug,
but an extra long 10 minute hug.
hubs: What, what are you doing?
me: shhhh don't talk. I just love you babe. I just love you so much.
I like to have upbeat music playing when I'm cleaning,
but after listening to it for a few minutes,
I start dancing around and trying to do every dance move I've ever seen on VH1. 
I put a load of clothes in the washing machine
decide it's time to give myself a mani/pedi
and 24 hours later I realize I forgot to put them in the dryer.
Sometimes I rewash them;
but most of the time I just put them in the dryer with a bunch of dryer sheets..
you know,
in attempt to cover up the sour smell that I deny I smell.
I will admit though,
I have done better with the clothes washing.
Because a couple of weeks ago,
Tyler came home from work
 and had this conversation with me:
hubs: Babe...I was really busy today.  I had a lot of people going in and out of my office.
long pause
me: ok?
hubs: All day, I thought that everyone who came in smelled bad. Like sour feet. 
me: ...
hubs: but when I was in my truck...by myself....I smelled it.
me: ...
hubs: you know why? Because my shirt is sour. I was smelling myself all day.
I leaned over and smelled him.
me: ...I wonder how that happened...
hubs: ...............

My name is Autumn,
and I have a problem.


birthday adventure

I had an absolute blast on my birthday trip/birthday.
Here are pictures of some presents, roller coaster ridin' and Howl-O-Scream!
And don't miss the video at the bottom:)

 Remember when I said I would film my hubs during Howl-O-Scream
and share the footage?
Well here it is!

Right before we went into this vampire lair,
he confessed that he had NEVER been to anything haunted.
He was terrified.
I was terrified too...
but thankfully,
because of him,
(and his phrases like "God Bless America!" and "Daggumit!")
I laughed more than I screamed.
It was definitely my favorite part of the whole trip.

I hope you survive your Monday!
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10.10.12 = the big two three.

 It's finally my "I can now buy age defying things" birthday!

you know,
13th birthday= woohoo I'm a teenager!
15th birthday= woohoo learner's permit!
16th birthday= woohoo driver's license!
17th birthday= woohoo I can now attend "R" rated movies without a parent. 
18th birthday= woohoo I'm graduating. I'm an ADULT now. I'm so adult-like.
19th birthday= woohoo last teenage year!
20th birthday= woohoo I'm 20!
21st birthday= woohoo I can legally have an adult beverage!
23rd birthday= woohoo I can now buy age defying things!
(it's always good to get a head start on things).

Haven't heard that before?
It's the new thing.
You should probably write it down.
I made it up to keep things exciting.
I'm already thinking about what the 24th birthday will be.
I'm leaning towards
24= woohoo I've been shaving my legs for 13 years and now it's time for laser hair removal!
(I'm telling my hubs about that tomorrow.)

Eat a cupcake (or 2) for me today!


we fit in.

I had a blast this weekend!
I got video of hubs screaming during Howl-O-Scream.
I rode a million and five roller coasters.
And I didn't throw up once.
 I can't wait until I can tell you all about it.
I am currently studying...
(well, not currently)
((but before that and after this)).
So until I can write a longer post,
I hope you enjoy this little gem.
This experience was on my 
Top 5 favorite things of the weekend.
I try to act normal,
but sometimes you can't hide west virginian.


i'm ready!

I've been catching up on my studying this week.
Because I won't be able to do any studying this weekend.
 My 23rd birthday celebration is starting tomorrow!
We're going to Oktoberfest and Howl-o-Scream at Busch Gardens.
I am SO excited.
I love roller coasters.
But remember what happened with me + the fair rides?
It's been about 3 years since my last roller coaster ride...
so I'm bracing myself.
I'm most likely going to puke my guts up
but it will be worth every heave.
Oktoberfest and Howl-O-Scream only happen in October.
During the day,
Oktoberfest is in full swing.
A massive celebration of fall.
so technically,
It's a massive celebration of
ME! =)
as soon as darkness falls,
little children have to leave,
and Howl-O-Scream begins.
Hundreds of professionally make-up'd scary creatures
chase you around the whole park
and make you pee your pants.
I think I am more excited about this part.
I'm not excited about getting the pee scared out of me.
I hate scary things.
I am the second biggest weenie in the entire universe.
And my hubs
takes the prize for the first place weenie.
He changes the channel when scary movie previews come on...
and that, my friends,
is why I am excited about Howl-O-Scream. 
I am going to hear 
and see
my hubs
scream like a girl.
And you can bet your Aunt Frances I will be videoing the whole time.
I'm most likely going to cry and scream until my throat hurts...
but it will be worth every tear and sore throat lozenge.
And yes,
of course I'm going to share the footage.
I'm ready to puke.
I'm ready to cry.
I'm ready to scream.
and I took a pregnancy test.
(because I'm pretty sure that none of the above are conducive for a healthy pregnancy.)
(currently, there are no small humans in my uterus.)
I'm ready.



i think i'm in trouble.

My husband's memory isn't as good as it used to be.
He's forgetting things...
things like the definition of 
air freshener.
 We only have one bathroom in our house,
so obviously,
this is an extremely terrifying situation
(for me).
Before now,
when I would go into the bathroom,
(after he had recently occupied it)
it smelled of
over-perfumed man poo.
 I didn't think it could get any worse.
Let's talk about the current situation.
when I walk into the bathroom 
(after he's finished his "paperwork")
I am smacked in the face with
raw, natural, undisguised man poo.
Why hubs?!
Are you trying to kill me?
Do you not love me anymore???
I have done everything I can think of
to get the over-perfumed man poo, back
(I can't believe it, either).
But so far,
I have yet to succeed.
 Want to know something funny?
He just came in and asked what I was writing about.
I told him...
Hoping he would be embarrassed.
And that maybe,
just maybe...
he would say that he miraculously remembered what air freshener is for,
and that he would start using it again...
as long as I promised not to submit this post.
Instead of doing anything I hoped for,
he laughed.
He is still laughing.
What on earth is wrong with him?
I think I'm in trouble.

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