my husband IS my soul mate

A lot of you have probably seen a blog post floating around social media recently.
It's called my husband is not my soul mate.
In a nutshell, it talked about how theology pointed towards the idea that God didn't make that one perfect person for us.  It talked about the evangelical storm that took place about a decade ago that taught teenage girls (and boys) that God made their husband/wife specifically for them and that they should wait for them. A lot of love notes were written for those future husbands and wives.....and in the post's opinion, it was just a way to try to keep teens from going crazy in the dating world. It said that God gave us free will to choose who we want to marry and the one was technically not real.

That blog post showed up on my Facebook news feed more than once... and I read it more than once.
I tried my hardest to agree with it (because a lot of people were re-posting it), but I couldn't.
So here is my view of the one.

I believe 110% that God made the perfect person for each one of us.
Is my opinion backed up with a bunch of deep theology? No.
It is backed up with this: God made Eve SPECIFICALLY for Adam.
God knew Adam from the inside out. He knew everything there was to know about him...and He made Eve for Adam. Adam had free will, but God didn't make 2 women for him to chose from. He made one. Eve.

Of course not everyone marries the one...because God did give us free will. Sometimes we are impatient. Does that mean that those marriages are destined to be horrible? Of course not! As long as God is the center of the marriage, it will be successful. 

I personally think that, today, we are guilty of putting too much emphasis on theology, and not enough emphasis on the face value of the verse. Sometimes theology is used in order to make Bible verses mean what we want them to mean. People try to go too deep...instead of simply reading the verses. I was brought up in a church that never just accepted verses for what they said. There had to be some hidden meaning.
Over the past 3 years, I've realized that God didn't write the Bible for scholars and theologians. He didn't write it for us to crack the code. He wrote it for normal, average, every day people.  It's not some sort of puzzle.

I was one of those little girls who wrote letters to my future husband. I prayed for him. I told God what I hoped for in my husband- and let me tell you, I was extremely specific. I didn't search for my husband....but I found him. And he was everything I had prayed for. God knows me from the inside out, just like He knew Adam. He loves me just as much as He loved Adam. Why would he not make an "Eve" for me?

My husband is my soul mate.


diaries of a mad pregnant woman: entry #2

As Adi (and my belly) has grown the past several weeks,
there has been an influx in belly comments.
I used to receive sweet comments:
AWWWWW how cute is your little baby bump!
You're finally starting to show!
You have the cutest little belly!
etc, etc...
These new comments, however, have awakened the mad pregnant woman within.
I have started making a list. I have labeled this list: 


#3. Oh, WOW.....
So when are you due?
Oh, WOW....

Oh, WOW? What exactly do you mean by that? Never mind, I could tell my the emphasis you put on the WOW.  You just told me that it looks like I'm going to give birth in the next 2 minutes. Oh, you didn't mean it that way? Yes you did. I want to karate chop your esophagus.

#2. Doubled.
Oh my gosh, I think it's doubled in size since I last saw you.
............oh, really?

You saw me YESTERDAY.  Is that supposed to make me want to hug you? Would it make you happy if I told you YOUR belly doubled in size since yesterday? Well your face has also doubled in ugliness since I last saw you.....how about that? Yeah, that's right.

How many weeks do you have left?
Oh about 8!
Goodness. Are you sure there aren't twins in there?
Oh I'm sure.

I'm also sure that I would like to punch your mouth off.

And that concludes the top 3 things you probably shouldn't say to a pregnant woman in her third trimester.
If you have made one of these comments and the pregnant woman has responded with a soft "chuckle"....you have been very close to death.

See, we are very happy that our bellies are growing because that means our precious babies are growing. But the belly growth is obvious. There is no need to reinforce the impending stretch marks, the current difficulty we are experiencing when trying to shave our legs, or our new walk waddle.
We are very aware of the tiny humans growing in our bodies....just tell us how beautiful we are....that's safe. Comments like Oh your belly has grown! or Oh my goodness, look at your belly! or something along those lines are safe, too. Like I said, we're proud of our bellies. Just don't be stupid.

In case you missed it on Instagram, here's my 30 week bump!

Happy Monday!


counting down the days

That word.
That's all I can think about. It consumes every thought of my day.
I walk into the kitchen and think not much longer until we're washing little bottles.
I sit down in the living room and think not much longer until I'm laying in on the couch with Adi sleeping on my chest.
I walk into the bedroom and think not much longer until I'm awakened in the night by tiny cries to be fed.
I walk into the bathroom and think not much longer until we're having bath time.

And then...I walk into her nursery. And as I look around the room- at her crib, at the colors, at the little clothes hanging in her closet... every single time....tears fill my eyes and I think she's really coming...the baby we were told would never happen...the baby we prayed fervently for....the baby I wept and cried out to God for....our baby girl. Adilynn. She's really coming.

The day is getting closer, sweet girl. I can't wait to hold you in my arms.


diaries of a mad pregnant woman

When you're super pregnant,
your doctor makes you do a nice little ditty called a "1 hour glucose test."

It goes something like this:
Oh hey! You can't eat or drink ANYTHING from the time you get up in the morning,
until the test is finished.
So now you're pregnant and starving.
But don't worry, we're going to give you a cocktail.
It's called orange syrup. 100% straight up sugar.
You have to drink the whole bottle.
THEN we will take your blood 1 hour later.
If your sugar level is normal, you win.
If it's high, you LOSE.

If you win, you can skip happily into a field of wildflowers. 
If you lose.....oh, if you lose, do we have a surprise for you.
It's called a 3 hour glucose test! 
Are you excited!?

The 3 hour test goes a little something like this:
Hi again! You can't eat ANYTHING from 11pm the night before the test,
until the test is finished.
So now you're pregnant, starving.....and angry.

As soon as you come in,
we're going to take your blood (1).
If your sugar level is high, you lose, and you now have gestational diabetes. 
You can't eat sweets until the baby is born.
If your sugar level is normal, you lose, and now we give you a super-sized cocktail.
When you're finished drinking the cocktail,
you will wait for an hour.
You still can't eat/drink.
Your hangry state will increase.
We take your blood again (2).
You will wait another hour.
We take your blood again (3).
You need to vomit?
If you do, you'll have to start all over.
Wait one more hour.
You are now starving to death. Do you have a last will and testament?
And we'll take your blood one last time.

If all of the sugar levels are normal- you WIN!
If just one of them isn't normal- you LOSE..and you have gestational diabetes. You just went through 3 hours of hangry-ness, swallowing yarf, and 4 needle sticks for nothing. You suck.

In case you haven't already guessed,
I failed the 1 hour test a couple of weeks ago.
And it may or may not have been because I caved and ate a fruit and yogurt parfait before the test.
I was for sure that my healthy little pancreas would keep the secret and take care of it...
but my little pancreas turned out to be a ginormous blabber mouth.

I'm currently in the middle of the 3 hour test.
I'm waiting for stick #3. 
I almost puked up my guts during the last stick.
Not because of the stick...
but because the woman sticking me had dorito breath and dorito debris in her mustache.
Yes I said she had a mustache.
Don't judge me.
I'm hangry.
I hope y'all have a fabulous day!
And please know that even though this whole glucose test thing is annoying,
I am SO incredibly thankful to be pregnant! I'm just a little hormonal and hangry ;)