poo on you, MTV!

Hey y'all!
Have you seen West Virginia's amazing debut on MTV???
It's called BUCKWILD
(also known, by many, as the redneck Jersey Shore)
and I'm totally one of the main people on it!

(don't be jealous of my face-in-hole bod)
The show makes me cringe.
If you watch it, and enjoy it....don't tell me about it.
It's just building on the typical "West Virginia" stereotype that the media has given us.
whenever something newsworthy happens here,
the news crews don't interview the normal looking West Virginians
(ie. about 96.4% of us).
instead, they hike miles into the woods and interview the creepy person who lives there.
The one-toothed, half naked, hairy, un-showered, person who still uses an outhouse and hasn't seen another human being in 20 years.
And as if that wasn't bad enough,

If you do watch the show,
you will see a lot of things...

 and in case you ever wonder,
I have never done any of the following:

rolled around in mud holes;
squeezed myself in a truck tire and then pushed myself down a hill;
filled the bed of a truck up with water and had a pool party;
dressed like a prostitute
(meaning, I've never worn shorts or shirts that allow others to see my nips and hootie);
and lastly, I've never had to have every other word that comes out of my mouth "bleeped."
 I'm pretty sure the people on that show are the only ones who act like that...
and all I've got to say about them is
bless their hearts!


keepingupwithkristen said...

OMG that show cracks me up...it's so daggum trashy, but I can't stop watching! ...kinda like Honey Boo Boo. Speaking of, she lives here in Georgia with me. Thanks to TLC, everyone thinks we leave Christmas lights up all year long and make spaghetti sauce out of Ketchup and Butter. Way to make us normal people look bad!!

Heidi Gottron said...
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Santana Vitales said...

I refuse to watch that mess. I KNOW not all ppl from WV is like that. Its just for ratings & its disgusting. The shows now a days are just down right disgusting.. Its like where has our morals gone? Thanks for the post!

Mallory Castleberry said...

I feel the same way about Honey Boo Boo. She makes the whole state of GA look wonderful. It makes me cringe. Lol

Myers Family said...

OH MY!! I saw an episode and its like a train wreck....everyone is sleeping with everyone and they are some rednecks for sure!
I told my hubby it was like a white trash/redneck Jersey shore!

Lindsay said...

Hahah. The previews were enough 'action' for me. Lol. Gotta live how people see a show like that or jersey shore and think all people that live in that state are like that. Gimme a break. And, I chuckled at your 'bless their heart' so very true tho! There is hope for them yet! Have an awesome weekend! :-)

Gabby Marie said...

hahha never have been to any of that crap! id rater watch the food network! lol

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

I haven't seen it either and just cringe when I see a commercial. Come on MTV.. you can do better.