Hubs and I make fun of each other
about things we say.
if I try to say a word...and it comes out all jumbled up,
he says, "what was that?" or "say that again?"
We could be a mile away from each other and still hear and make fun of word jumbles.
We also do this with songs.
If he is singing away at a song and 
A. belts out a line that sounds nothing like the actual lyrics
(but swears up and down he's right.....)
B. is singing his heart out with confidence and realizes he has no idea what the next line is,
so immediately starts to hum/drop his voice volume down to 0 and pretend to sing it in a whisper.
I say
"what was that?" or "why don't ya sing that a little louder?"

It's fun and frustrating at the same time.

Here are two recent word mishaps that I won't let him live down.

We were on our way to Walmart a few days ago when the following conversation occurred:
me- I need to remember to get some mascara.
hubs- but you're wearing mascara right now....doesn't that mean you have some?
me- no, I used it all up today. 
hubs- you just bought mascara like...last month, shouldn't you still have some left?
me- what are you? a mascara connoisseur?
hubs- well no, I don't eat mascara.
me- ....... *insert pee your pants laughter*......
hubs- what? is that not what connoisseur means? consume....connoisseur? 
me- no babe...it means that you're an expert on something. 
hubs- nuh uh.
me- let me just google it for you.

We were sitting on the couch the other night,
and at one point I went into the kitchen to get something.
When I came back,
Baylee had taken my seat.
I looked at Baylee and said
What do you think you're doing mister?
and hubs yells
*insert pee your pants laughter*
hubs- what? 
me- did you just say meat??!
hubs- well yeah.....move your meat ....lose your seat.
(I have to let you know that when he was saying the phrase for the second time, he pointed at his butt when he said meat...you know, just in case I didn't understand what he was saying.)
me- I'm pretty positive it's feet...not meat.
hubs- nuh uh.
me- let me just google that for you.

I sure do love that boy. There's never a dull moment.
Oh and if you haven't already guessed,
 my #1 marriage advice when it comes to song lyric/saying/word definition debates is
If you're confident enough to whip google out, you're probably going to win


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LaynahRose said...

hahaha. I like move your meat better! It's my first time reading to, so of course I'm now going to go marvel over your wedding photos :)