today's menu

I want to take a moment to document what I've eaten today.

2 pieces of toast with butter and jelly.
1 very large salad with ham and turkey.
1 very large order of some kind of nachos that were wonderful.
My husband's leftovers from lunch...aka 2 slices of BBQ pizza.
1 hot dog.
A very large amount of potato salad.
1 pack of (6) mini crunchy donuts.
1 chicken quesadilla.
Chips with cheese and salsa.

And you know what?
I'm not full.
During the next 14 days,
my 5 inch long nugget is going to have a growth spurt and double it's length.
So I guess that will be my excuse for today....and the next 14 days.
If baby wants it....this mama will eat it.
Or maybe the correct phrase would be,
If this mama wants it, you better back away or I'll eat your arm off.

Excuse me while I go lather my belly with 12 layers of cocoa butter.


Ashleigh said...

My favorite is the way you ended it by saying or ill eat your arm off! Too cute... Yay to little nugget growing :)

Sally said...

My huge growth spurt (not really sure if it was baby's growth spurt too....or just my own, ha!) came from 20-24 weeks. I just became...large...in that time. :))

Eat up, I say!