baby crazy

I'm going crazy.
We had the gender ultrasound today.
Currently, 2 people know what our tiny human is.
Those 2 people aren't us.
They are the ultrasound tech and the cake lady.
I thought it was going to be easy to wait an extra 24 hours.
But as soon as I saw the tiny human's precious profile....
watched it yawn,
watched it suck on it's fingers,
and wiggle around...
I realized that the next 24 hours were going to be torture.
I'm about to gnaw my arm off.


Denise said...

I'm about to be in the same boat!! We have our gender ultrasound next Wednesday but we won't find out until Saturday. It's going to be the longest week of my life!!

Rhiannon said...

How exciting!!!

Amanda said...

Eek!!! :) so excited for you to find out! I vote girl :)

Sally said...

Can't wait for you to find out!!!

My Life in High Heels said...

I cannot wait to check back here to see what that precious baby is. Congratulations either way!