furry weirdo

Oh my crap.
The little person that has been living in my uterus is officially FULL TERM.
The question now is whether she'll decide to come out medium-well or well-done.
My doctor seems to think it's only a matter of single digit days now....and I sure hope she's right!
For the past 3 days, I've stayed up until the wee hours of morning...CLEANING.
Can we say, nesting???
And my poor feet are ginormous. Seriously. 1 week after they started swelling, my weight went up 5 pounds! Crazy. They don't hurt....it just freaks me out to look down and see nothing but calf and toes.

Something else that is crazy?
This guy.

He has been pretty obsessed with my belly for the past few months.
His head or paws are constantly in contact with it....which is super cute...but last night he got weird.
He jumped up in the recliner with me last night, and laid like this for 2 hours.

He has never laid on my belly that long. EVER. Because Adi likes to kick him...so it's usually like 5 minutes, tops.
After hour number 2, I started thinking how "in tune" dogs can be...and I decided I should take a precautionary "I may go into labor and I don't want to be skanky" shower.
Baylee followed me to the bathroom.
I got in the shower.
Baylee laid beside the shower.
I got out of the shower and started getting ready for bed.
Baylee laid on my feet.
I got in bed.
Baylee slept in my buttcrack.
He is a very lovey dog...but not THAT lovey.
As I went to sleep last night I was positive that I was either 1.) going to die or 2.) going into labor.
Neither of those things happened.....but he is still being weird. I'm pretty sure he is staring into my soul as we speak.


Laynah said...

Hahaha...he slept in your buttcrack. No dog is cute enough for that! I think it's pretty cool that he likes your belly so much though...I read somewhere that dolphins can see babies inside mama bellys because of their ecolocation or whatever, and I'm sure dogs can sense there's an extra human in there too.

The Pink Growl said...

You have got to be the cutest little pregnant girl ever! Good luck with the labor and the swelling!

MarieL said...

I hated the swelling. My dog was the same way it was so sweet. My water broke while I took my last shower I had planned to be induced the next morning & my little man decided that night was a better time to go into labor.

Amanda said...

Ahh! I can't wait to "meet" baby girl!!!

Lex said...

You make pregnancy look good! I just know that I will somehow morph into a whale when I get pregnant, haha.

Rekita Nicole said...

lol a your feet!! Happy 37 weeks!!!