Dear old self, From my now self.


Everything my baby eats will be organic. 
I've researched. The sparkling baby bullet is sitting in my kitchen. I've decided. 
And after baby food...STILL organic. 
Mac and cheese? Chicken nuggets? Cheese puffs?
My baby will never eat that POISON."

That was me. Almost 3 years ago. Freshly pregnant with this little lady...

I can't help but laugh when I think about that old self.
My brand, spanking new, pregnancy test still dripping with pee, new-found mommy self.
The one who would laugh in my face if I were to go back in time and show her this picture.

Conversation between my old self and my now self:
"Who is that kid? And WHERE is her mom?"
Where is her mom?
I'm sitting right here.
Watching her eat cheese puffs straight from the bag.
"How did she get that bag of poison?"
I gave it to her.
"What kind of mom are you?!"
Funny story, actually. I'm you. My child is the one who is hanging out inside your uterus right now.
"HAHAHA! You're crazy. You are not me. NO way."
Oh, I promise I am you. 
A you who is 2 years and 1 month into (out of the womb) mommy-hood.  
A you who played hard all morning with her 2 year old.
A you who (spoiler alert!) just danced her 4 month old to sleep. 
A you who is tired. 
A you who realized that allowing her toddler to eat a few cheese puffs, will allow her to sit down and rest for a few minutes.

I know you want what's best for that sweet baby growing in your belly...
You've already heard and read that the only way to provide that is to do organic everything...
but truth is,
you're going to stress yourself out.
You're going to give your baby things that aren't organic.
You're going to feel like you failed,
but you haven't failed.
You've learned.
You've learned that the only person who knows what's best for your baby is YOU.
If organic-everything stresses you out too much,
then it's not what's best for your baby.
And approximately 3 years from the moment you're in right now,
you'll finally realize that you haven't failed...
that you're an awesome mommy...
and that a few cheese puffs won't hurt.

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