diaries of a mad pregnant woman: entry #2

As Adi (and my belly) has grown the past several weeks,
there has been an influx in belly comments.
I used to receive sweet comments:
AWWWWW how cute is your little baby bump!
You're finally starting to show!
You have the cutest little belly!
etc, etc...
These new comments, however, have awakened the mad pregnant woman within.
I have started making a list. I have labeled this list: 


#3. Oh, WOW.....
So when are you due?
Oh, WOW....

Oh, WOW? What exactly do you mean by that? Never mind, I could tell my the emphasis you put on the WOW.  You just told me that it looks like I'm going to give birth in the next 2 minutes. Oh, you didn't mean it that way? Yes you did. I want to karate chop your esophagus.

#2. Doubled.
Oh my gosh, I think it's doubled in size since I last saw you.
............oh, really?

You saw me YESTERDAY.  Is that supposed to make me want to hug you? Would it make you happy if I told you YOUR belly doubled in size since yesterday? Well your face has also doubled in ugliness since I last saw you.....how about that? Yeah, that's right.

How many weeks do you have left?
Oh about 8!
Goodness. Are you sure there aren't twins in there?
Oh I'm sure.

I'm also sure that I would like to punch your mouth off.

And that concludes the top 3 things you probably shouldn't say to a pregnant woman in her third trimester.
If you have made one of these comments and the pregnant woman has responded with a soft "chuckle"....you have been very close to death.

See, we are very happy that our bellies are growing because that means our precious babies are growing. But the belly growth is obvious. There is no need to reinforce the impending stretch marks, the current difficulty we are experiencing when trying to shave our legs, or our new walk waddle.
We are very aware of the tiny humans growing in our bodies....just tell us how beautiful we are....that's safe. Comments like Oh your belly has grown! or Oh my goodness, look at your belly! or something along those lines are safe, too. Like I said, we're proud of our bellies. Just don't be stupid.

In case you missed it on Instagram, here's my 30 week bump!

Happy Monday!


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I have not ever been preggo (yet!) but I am pretty sure I would be extra careful when commenting to anyone pregnant about their bellies!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Good advice! And another thing... what about total strangers wanting to touch or even RUB your tummy?! What is that?! Yikes! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

life as Mrs. said...

oh my gosh you are the cutest prego! and you're still so tiny! all belly baby!

Emily said...

First off you look great! Secondly you look tiny!! Keep on keepin' on growing that precious human.

rebecca dibiasio said...

People are crazy! I swear they don't think before they open their mouths!

Lex said...

Oh my gosh, you have the cutest little bump ever!

Erin LFF said...

I bet those comments get old, REAL fast ;) You look ADORABLE though lady- seriously! That belly is so cute!!