my husband IS my soul mate

A lot of you have probably seen a blog post floating around social media recently.
It's called my husband is not my soul mate.
In a nutshell, it talked about how theology pointed towards the idea that God didn't make that one perfect person for us.  It talked about the evangelical storm that took place about a decade ago that taught teenage girls (and boys) that God made their husband/wife specifically for them and that they should wait for them. A lot of love notes were written for those future husbands and wives.....and in the post's opinion, it was just a way to try to keep teens from going crazy in the dating world. It said that God gave us free will to choose who we want to marry and the one was technically not real.

That blog post showed up on my Facebook news feed more than once... and I read it more than once.
I tried my hardest to agree with it (because a lot of people were re-posting it), but I couldn't.
So here is my view of the one.

I believe 110% that God made the perfect person for each one of us.
Is my opinion backed up with a bunch of deep theology? No.
It is backed up with this: God made Eve SPECIFICALLY for Adam.
God knew Adam from the inside out. He knew everything there was to know about him...and He made Eve for Adam. Adam had free will, but God didn't make 2 women for him to chose from. He made one. Eve.

Of course not everyone marries the one...because God did give us free will. Sometimes we are impatient. Does that mean that those marriages are destined to be horrible? Of course not! As long as God is the center of the marriage, it will be successful. 

I personally think that, today, we are guilty of putting too much emphasis on theology, and not enough emphasis on the face value of the verse. Sometimes theology is used in order to make Bible verses mean what we want them to mean. People try to go too deep...instead of simply reading the verses. I was brought up in a church that never just accepted verses for what they said. There had to be some hidden meaning.
Over the past 3 years, I've realized that God didn't write the Bible for scholars and theologians. He didn't write it for us to crack the code. He wrote it for normal, average, every day people.  It's not some sort of puzzle.

I was one of those little girls who wrote letters to my future husband. I prayed for him. I told God what I hoped for in my husband- and let me tell you, I was extremely specific. I didn't search for my husband....but I found him. And he was everything I had prayed for. God knows me from the inside out, just like He knew Adam. He loves me just as much as He loved Adam. Why would he not make an "Eve" for me?

My husband is my soul mate.


The Pink Growl said...

Love this picture...you guys are precious! And I was a little indifferent to that blog post too. I'm not sure how I felt about it, but I think I tend to agree with you more!

Amanda said...

Oh my word. I just looked the post up and it kind of made me irate. I love what you say about God making Eve SPECIFICALLY for Adam. That's beautiful and so true. I once heard of someone saying they would be happily married with several other people in the world. I was appalled and saddened.. If Tyler ever said that I would be heart broken. Thanks for writing this post. :)

Cynthia Contreras said...

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Charmaine Sylvia said...

I actually haven't read the article you were referring to but I definitely agree with you that God made a special person for each and everyone one of us. It's not something you technically search for but ends up finding you and thats exactly how I find my boyfriend in the most unexpected place without seeking anything. Great insightful post. Pins & Macarons

Alexandria Wessel said...

Great post! Love your blog… follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin? Let me know & I'll follow back! xo

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog!!! Wish you did it more!