counting down the days

That word.
That's all I can think about. It consumes every thought of my day.
I walk into the kitchen and think not much longer until we're washing little bottles.
I sit down in the living room and think not much longer until I'm laying in on the couch with Adi sleeping on my chest.
I walk into the bedroom and think not much longer until I'm awakened in the night by tiny cries to be fed.
I walk into the bathroom and think not much longer until we're having bath time.

And then...I walk into her nursery. And as I look around the room- at her crib, at the colors, at the little clothes hanging in her closet... every single time....tears fill my eyes and I think she's really coming...the baby we were told would never happen...the baby we prayed fervently for....the baby I wept and cried out to God for....our baby girl. Adilynn. She's really coming.

The day is getting closer, sweet girl. I can't wait to hold you in my arms.


Lydia Geisendorfer said...

Aww you totally made this fellow mommy-in-waitng tear up! I've still got about 4 months left till I hold my little girl but it just keeps becoming more and more real every day!

Emily said...

Aw....this is really sweet. Love her name!

RitaMarie said...

This made me tear up! I am trying *hard* to get pregnant and I love this. :)

Audrie Is... said...

Awww I loved reading this! When are you due again? Aaaand what week was that 3d pic taken in? I have one this Saturday at 27 weeks and I'm wondering if I scheduled it too early?! Thoughts??

LaynahRose said...

aww I am totally going to be as emotional as you! it's such a beautiful thing!

Mama's Hip Tips said...

aww she cute