A baby for a burger

First of all, our church started a church-wide 21 day fast this past sunday.
Second of all, a lot of my friends are having babies.
You may be asking yourself, "what in the world do those two things have in common?"
 Last night Tyler was watching football and during this time, I received a text message telling me that one of my friends was on her way to the hospital to have her baby.  Before we got married, Tyler and I agreed that we wanted to be married a few years before we had any babies (unless God has different plans, and if so, we're perfectly ok with that)....Since Tyler completely zones out when he watches football, I decided to mess with him a little.  I sat down beside him and said "babe...everyone is having babies....I want a baby." I was expecting him to look at me with a surprised/worried face and say something like "Autumn...whoa...pump your brakes!" Instead, I was the one with the surprised/worried face when he, without even making eye contact responded with, "I'll give you a baby if we can go get McDonald's."  This is where the significance of the fast comes into play.
After his response and a few minutes of silence, we both started laughing hysterically.  In reality, he probably responded that way because I know we can't get McDonald's, therefore, the baby isn't a possibility...but still...it freaked me out!
This is what I have learned from this experience:
DO NOT mess with my husband when he is sacrificing food...because when he is extremely hungry, he is apparently craving a McDonald's cheeseburger...and he may agree to anything for that cheeseburger.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahah!!! This cracked me up! I was thinking whoa whoa whoa now! Hahaha.