Easy on the Information-MaryJophus

(When you read this post, you're going to wonder how I made it this far in life. Seriously.)

I lived 19 years without knowing Tyler and he lived 23 years without knowing me.  We have known each other for 2 years and 7 months, now...and even though we know a lot about each other, it's going to take a lot longer than 2 years and 7 months to know EVERYTHING about each other.  It could literally take forever to tell someone every detail of every story of your life.  I learn something new about Tyler every day and so far, nothing I have learned has scared me (too bad) or made me look at him and think, "Who did I marry?":)

Tonight, however, my husband heard a story of my life that was completely new to him...and while laughing at me he definitely thought, "oh no."

We were at my grandparent's house with my parents.  I'm not even sure how this story came up...and to be completely honest, I'm amazed that my family waited this long before they shared it with Tyler. 
Before I share this story with you I just want to say that I am still, to this day, extremely embarrassed when the story is told. ha.

When I was a baby, EVERY time they got me out of the bath my parents would drape the towel over my head like a hood and wrap the rest around my body and say, "Aw you look like MaryJophus!" This routine continued until I was able to take baths by myself.  Are you wanting to know who MaryJophus is? Don't worry, by the end of this blog you will know exactly who they are.
As I got older and was able to understand what they were saying, I put the pieces of the MaryJophus puzzle together and figured out who they were. I knew that Jesus' earthly mother was Mary and that His earthly father was Joseph...so it only made sense that with a name like MaryJophus the person HAD to be from Bible times... And since they only said I looked like them when the towel was draped over my head, it SCREAMED Bible times even more...it made perfect sense.  MaryJophus was there when Jesus was born...duh!  Since I solved the puzzle, I never asked my parents about it. He just wasn't mentioned in the Bible, no biggie.
Fast forward about 6 years. I was 12 going on 13 years old.  I was in a store with my mom around Christmas time.  We were walking around the store and I saw some statues.  One was of a manger scene, one was of a cross, one was of Jesus, and one was of....oh my goodness...it couldn't be...one was of MaryJophus! It was statue of a person from the shoulders up with what looked like a Bible times towel draped on it's head. Yes. Definitely MaryJophus. I decided to share my discovery with my mom, so I pointed at the statue and yelled across the aisle, "Hey mom! LOOK! IT'S MARYJOPHUS!" For some reason, everyone around me started laughing.  My mom walked over and she started laughing too..."What mom?" She thought I was kidding. "Why would I be kidding?" She thought I was making fun of our joke.  "What joke?" With look of horror my mom realized that I was an extremely literal person and that I had no idea that MaryJophus was just a silly little made-up name.  She explained to me that they just called me that to be silly. Well that was nice. At this point, I knew why everyone around me had laughed.  The statue I pointed at was supposed to be of Mary...but it didn't look like the normal Mary.  This was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.
I was almost 13 years old and I legit thought that MaryJophus was at Jesus' birth.  I mean, don't you have him in your Christmas nativity scene?  You don't have the creepy guy peeking around the corner of the manger? Oh. I must be the only one that has that piece.

What I've learned from this: If your husband doesn't run away when he hears stories about some pretty unintelligent moments in your life...it's a good sign, right? Right :)

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Desiree said...

I love this story! It made me smile. :)