Meet our "son" BayLee :) He is, in our opinion, the best dog in the entire universe.  If I believed in reincarnation, I would definitely be convinced that he was a human in his previous life.  He walks places on his hind legs, he hugs you, he actually likes wearing his clothes (and helps put them on by putting his paws in the holes for me), he gets hurt feelings (and lets you know he has hurt feelings), he sits  up like a human, and so many other things that are pretty cute/creepy.
We know that BayLee is helping prepare us for kids one day.
By observing the way Tyler is with BayLee, I've decided that Tyler is going to be the parent who has the mushy heart. 
When BayLee needs to be put in his kennel (doggie time out) or when he needs to be brushed  (BayLee does NOT like it), or anything else that may cause him to have hurt feelings, I end up doing, because Tyler doesn't want Baylee to "hate" him.  Since I do all of these things, I thought for sure that Tyler was his favorite. I thought that until Sunday night... and Monday morning.... :)

On Sunday night, I was watching TV with BayLee curled up beside me.  Tyler walked by us and BayLee went crazy.  He jumped off of the chair and started growling and barking.  The barking was a mean bark, and it was obvious that he wasn't playing.  Tyler would try to walk toward him so he could pet him but he would back up, and growl even louder.  After that, BayLee wanted nothing to do with Tyler the rest of the night. (We still have no idea why BayLee was mad at him!) We all got in bed, and normally, BayLee sleeps right in between us...but that night, he slept on the edge of my side of the bed as far away from Tyler as he could get.  We got up the next morning and I ironed Tyler's work clothes while he got ready.  I got back in bed and went to sleep.  About 15 minutes later, I woke up to Tyler saying (in a very not-so-happy voice) "WHAT IS IN MY SHOE!?!"  BayLee casually jumped off the bed and left the room.  What do you mean what's in your shoe? "I just stuck my foot in my shoe and my sock is SOAKING WET!" Babe...I bet BayLee peed in it....he was pretty ticked off at you last night. "No, he wouldn't do that...he's never done anything like that."  I watched Tyler as he took off his wet sock and put it up to his nose.  "IT IS PEE!"  That was probably the most upset I have ever seen Tyler.....and while I watched him sniff his pee soaked sock I pictured BayLee peeing in his shoe.  I got so tickled...because it was so obvious that he had done it out of spite.  I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn't.  I laughed so hard that my eyes started to water.  I looked over at Tyler.  He was looking back at me.  He wasn't laughing. ".....babe...it's not funny...these are new shoes!" I managed to stop laughing long enough for Tyler to take his socks off, throw them down, forcefully exhale, leave the room (hopefully to wash his foot), come back, put a different pair of socks and shoes on, and leave for work.  After he left I took BayLee out (in case he to pee some more) and when we got back in the house, I kneeled down to talk to him. He sat down in front of me and put his paw on my hand.  I said "BayLee, you shouldn't have peed in daddy's shoe...that was bad...you know where you need to go." He licked my hand, stood up, and trotted happily into his kennel. He knew he was in trouble, but he didn't seem to mind the punishment. I'm pretty sure he was pleased with what he had done. I got the shoe out of the bedroom and attempted to salvage it.  I took the sole out (thankfully it was rubber) and washed it off..and since the shoe wasn't real leather, I washed the shoe.  Then I dried them, covered them with baking soda and sat them outside.  A few hours later I brought the pieces inside and put the shoe back together.  All of that happened on Monday.  Tyler wore the shoes on Thursday....nothing was said about any odor of urine....but it's very cold here....and I'm hoping the pee doesn't start to show itself when the weather warms up!

What I've learned from this: 1.  If your husband sticks his foot in a pee soaked shoe...and pulls his foot out with a pee soaked sock....be sympathetic and don't laugh...but you can laugh as much as you want when he leaves :)
2. Maybe Tyler isn't the favorite :D

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