Super Powers!

Growing up, I always thought that my mom had super powers. Here are some examples:
1. She could make a regular pb&j sandwich taste like heaven...and when I made the same sandwich, it tasted NOTHING like hers.
2. She could find anything in under 5 seconds. I could have been looking for something for hours and when she would ask me what I was looking for, BAM, here it is!
3. Whenever I was sick, she could make me feel so much better by just being in the same room with me.

 There are many other powers she possessed, but these 3 have always stuck out in my mind.  I thought that she gained the powers from being a mom....but I have recently realized that I may have these powers as well, and I am not a mom. Where do these powers first come from? Maybe they start appearing before that...maybe some of them start appearing after you get married, too!

Example number one. I can make a simple turkey sandwich for Tyler, and he always says it tastes so much better when I make it.  Could it be because he enjoys not having to make his own sandwich?....or is it because I have the magic touch?  I'm going to go with option number 2...because it makes me feel good...AND because the phrase "go make me a sandwich, woman!" has a bad stereotype attached to it...and I prefer not to think that my husband believes all that crap :D However, if he starts saying that the popcorn tastes better when I make it....I may rethink this :)

Next example. When Tyler is getting ready for work, he usually says "Where are my keys?" "Where is my watch?" etc, etc.  Even if I haven't seen the object he is looking for, I find it in record time! This is followed by,"YOU'RE THE BEST BABE!" How do I find these things? I have no idea.  Maybe I had seen the missing object before and forgotten...maybe....but I prefer to think this, too, is a super power beginning to show itself!

Last example.  Poor Tyler has been sick for 3 days now.  He NEVER gets sick...only on rare occasion.  As I have been taking care of him, guess what he has said to me numerous times??? "You make me feel better by just being here with me."  NO WAY! Another power??? This one really makes me feel awesome, since my passion is nursing, it makes my day to hear him say that.  Could it be that he is just trying to be all mushy and sweet?....maybe...or maybe I really do have the power to make him feel better with just my presence alone!  Again, I am going to go with option number 2:) 

What I have learned from this: Either I am turning into superwoman or I have an awesome husband who is wanting me to feel like superwoman. I like the sound of option number one!

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