Good morning!
Today I am letting Kelly from Kelly Elizabeth the blog take over!
You should be her friend. Well, read this post first, then go be her friend :)

Hello Mrs. in the Making friends!! I’m so pleased that Autumn let me be a temporary owner of her blog today and to let me introduce myself to you lovely people. I’m Kelly and I blog over at my self-named blog, Kelly Elizabeth. Original, I know. I suck at coming up with clever names for things, so I went with the name my mama gave me. Blogging, has quickly become a big part of my life and I have already met so many great people because of it. And after today, I hope you become one of them!

Anywho, since we have been recently blessed with some amazing fall weather, I thought it would be fun to relive one of my favorite fall past times with you folks. Fall, in my opinion, is the bomb.com. It out numbers all of the other seasons and most of the time I wish it was fall 6 months out of the year instead of winter (for people who live in Wisconsin, you know what I mean).

Last year, the man and I went to an apple orchard to pick, well apples. I wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for him and bake him some of my awesome apple pies. Instead of making it easy and just buying the apples from a supermarket, I wanted to drive the extra 20 miles to the orchard and pick them ourselves.

We picked about a whole paper bag full, pretty much way more than we actually needed. I got a little overly excited when I found out how to use those la-cross sticks they give you. We drove back home and started right in on the baking. I had two perfect pies sitting right in front of me. They were like story book perfection, seriously. That was until we put them in the oven.

Doomsday. One thing I hate most is when I ruin my cooking/baking. Chris failed to mention to me that his newly bought apartment had the crappiest oven ever. So when I put the pies in the oven, set at 350 degrees, the oven actually didn’t stop heating and was probably way past 500 degrees. So after 10 minutes of having the pies in, I was a little confused on why I smelt burning from the other room. My pies were literally turned to black mush. Chris was hysterical and I could’ve strangled a puppy. In my rage, I threw them out.

We like to look dumb every now and then.

Even though I was beyond pissed that Chris’ oven killed my pies, every time we look back on that day, we can’t help but to laugh. It was a fabulous day and I can’t wait to pick more apples this year and try it all over again. Thanks for having me Autumn and please don’t be shy about stopping on over. I would love to meet you all! 

Thanks for hanging out with us, Kelly!
I hope your pies are story book perfection after they bake this year!
Ahhh I am so giddy about fall.
Come on September 22!


Lea said...

Sorry for what happened to the pies. It's the thought that counts so you will always be the sweetest girl for him. Besides, you have a funny memory to laugh at :)

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go apple picking! I think it would be SO fun! :) And how cute that Autumn's named after your FAVORITE season. (Sorry, A, I'm sure you are sick of hearing that..haha)