one down

Holy moly.
I have been mentally drained since last Thursday.
I took my first HUGE RN exam on Thursday morning,
came home,
took a nap,
got up,
vegged out in the recliner with BayLee,
took another nap,
got up,
then went to bed...
and the weekend was very similar to my Thursday schedule.
Lots of naps.
But guess what?
I got an A on the exam!!!
One down.
I am so relieved.
I love that feeling,
and all of the glorious naps that come with it.
What I'm trying to say is that my weekend was not very exciting.
but it was very restful.
I did, however,
have to get up from my vegetative state on Friday
to make lunch for the hubs.
Since I don't have a job,
he comes home to a hot lunch almost every day.
When I did have a job,
he either
(A.) didn't eat lunch
(B.) ate chips
(C.) microwaved spaghetti o's.
(Bless his little heart.)
So he has been extremely thankful for my lunch making skills.
I got this text request on Friday....
(the last 2 messages)

I'm pretty sure I've spoiled him.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


Lindsay said...

Good Job on your exam!!! :-) What a relief that all your hard work paid off!!


Mimi said...

yay, congrats!!! i'm happy to hear you got an A!!! :D

p.s. you and your husband are so cute!

<3, Mimi
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Lea said...

Congratulations on your "A"! You and you hubs are really sweet :)