marriage tester

The hubs and I made a decision last Friday.
One that would test our marriage.
We bought.....
a ping pong table.
Why would that test our marriage?
Because we are both extremely competitive.
We both would fight til the death.
 It's not even healthy.
Our bedtime has gone from 9pm (pre-ping pong)
to 1am (post-ping pong).

We will be watching tv, 
brushing our teeth, 
eating dinner, 
and one of us will say 
"ping pong?"
It's getting a little ridiculous.
I'll win one,
he'll win one,
we'll play a tie breaker,
then play another one
(and tie it up again),
then play another tie breaker.
Neither of us can stand losing...
so it's a never ending circle.
And we don't really like each other anymore.
Here's just one of many stories of how heated the competition has gotten:
My brother was keeping score during one of our games on Saturday.
He said the score was me-17 and Tyler-15.
And for the record,
that score was CORRECT.
Tyler- Um, no.  It is 17 to 17. We are tied.
Me- We are not! I just got another point! I am winning. Cry baby!
Tyler- Whatever!
Me- Fine. Jacob, change it to 17:17. And Tyler, just know that if you win, it's not legitimate.
Tyler proceeded to throw his paddle on the table and leave.
It's serious.
It's so much fun.
We are addicted.
BayLee is terrified.
And I'm surprised we're still married.
That's right!
Look at that right bicep!
He doesn't come in...he just looks at us like this.


SarahJane Miller said...

hahahaah this is hilarious! My husband and I can't play bored games against each other.. but he wastes me in Ping-Pong so it isn't even a competition!

Jennifer said...

Oh my... this is the best/worst idea EVER. And I just so happen to have more than enough room for a table of my own... hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - this was hilarious. :) Van is SUPER competitive, too. Me, not so much. :)

Bridgette Nicole said...

Ok you guys seem like so much fun!! I want to get a ping pong table!! Love your blog! :)