I'm messy and I know it.

Autumn Grace.
That's my name.
(don't wear it out!)
((shout out to all of the 90s kids))
 I tell you a lot about my life.
But I never really tell you much about myself.
Just about things I find humorous.
So I've decided that periodically,
I will tell you something about me.
Who I am.
What makes me, me.
Because I want to be raw.
Raw, I don't think that's quite the word I'm looking for..
 all that makes me think about is uncooked meat.
Maybe I wanted to say real.
That sounds better.
I want to be real.
So here is fact #1.
As much as I hate to admit that,
it's true.
I try to fight it,
but that characteristic definitely shows itself a lot.
my clothes rarely see my closet.
 I forget to rinse milk out of my cereal bowl.
I leave half filled coffee cups in my car until  it morphs into a fermented jello-like substance.
and sometimes my car smells like festered crack for a few weeks,
until my husband investigates,
and finds little gems like this...
I have no clue what that is used to be...
but I know I haven't had any pureed pees,
in a sandwich bag,
in my car... recently.
or ever.
Check out his facial expression.
That is the face of a
 not-so-happy-extremely-disgusted-on-the-verge-of-dry-heaving hubs.
He tolerates it,
because he loves me.
but deep down,
it drives him crazy.
I'm sure the phrase 
what have I gotten myself into?
has crossed his mind more than once.
Bless his heart.
I mean, really, what is in that bag?
So there ya have it.
I'm messy and I know it.
wiggle, wiggle....yeah, no.


Anonymous said...

Haha, we are soul sisters!! :) I'm messy, too! And my CAR? Oh my gosh. Let's just...let's just not talk about it.

Anonymous said...
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Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Interestingly, I am pretty tidy most of the time. The craft room and my car tend to be total disasters though... Dunno why? The kitchen is clean. ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Sara Bell said...

Ha ha, this is cute. I started trying to sing it along to the song at first though and I was a little confused.
I am also pretty messy. I have to clean my house at the end of every night. (That says "have to." It doesn't say "do.") =/

The Naulus said...

ha ha this is hilarious! You're adorable!