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Happy Thursday!!
I would like all of you to meet my sweet bloggie friend, Lauren!
She is guest posting for me today!
She is bffs with Hawaii.
Need I say more?
Didn't think so:)
She is awesome, and you should be friends with her, too.
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Ladies and gents,
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Hey there MRS in the Making readers! I am excited to be here today posting for Autumn! 
I'm Lauren or Lo if you prefer! I blog over at a little ditty called Tippee Canoe! {come check it out!}

It was decided I should just write some fun stuff about every day life. Then I realized...shoot...my life is kind of boring! I live in a podunky little farming town and I work on peoples teeth for a job..which is only part time.. Sound exciting? You are right. It's not.

So here's the deal. Instead I am going to tell you about something I try to live by every day!

"Do one thing every day that scares you!"

Those are not the easiest words to live by, but I think they are true and important words in order to learn and grow!

I have grown SO SO much as an individual over the past couple of years that I have been trying my best to "do one thing every day that scares ME"

A couple of years ago I found my self feeling kind of blah {in a rut if you will}. I wasn't happy with a bunch of things in my life. I needed a change. I thought about all the things I could change around me and realized what I really needed was to change things inside of me!

So I did! I decided to not be comfortable in my little bubble. Besides it obviously wasn't THAT comfortable of a bubble if I was feeling so miserable! 

So off I went trying every day to be...scared? Let's say challenged!

I have loved every day when I have followed these words and ventured out of my comfort zone! Even when it is just little things like helping a stranger, making an important phone call {I dont like to talk on the phone it makes me nervous :S..I'm weird!}, telling someone no when needed, or killing a spider..ick!
When it is the big things like, moving away on my own, going sky diving, or going back to school.

The bottom line I think is having faith. Faith that you can do the HARD things, or the scary things. Faith that you will learn and grow when you challenge your self!
Who doesn't need an adrenaline rush every now and then anyways?!

Now go do something today that scares you! You can do it!


What great advice!
and I agree,
Faith is definitely the key.
You go, girl!
If I had to do one thing that scares me...
it would be to look at a hot air balloon.
Just seeing one makes me vomit.
It's complicated.
I might pull up a picture of one today.
Baby steps.
Thank you so much for visiting, Lo! :)

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Kelli Snedegar said...

Autumn (and Lauren), I love this post! It reminds me a lot of one I posted in March: http://kellisnedegar.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-and-old-experiences.html

Emma Frances said...

Love this post! :) I really need to work on getting out of my little comfort zone!

Mrs. Robinson said...

This is wonderful! =) Thanks for the wonderful advice.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

The best part of this sky diving photo is that she looks like she's walking on a sidewalk.. no big deal, do it all the time..

I would look like a zombie. a zombie.

Faith, how i require it's presence.