Who am I?

I've heard quite a few people say that if you live with someone long enough,
you will start developing some of their personality traits.
I was always like noooo,
that's so silly.
But now, I am a believer.
I think I am turning into a woman version of my husband.
I am doing things I never thought I would do, laughing at things I never thought I would laugh at, and saying things I never thought I would say.
And I am writing about this in hopes that I am not alone.

Here is an example:
My family was having a graduation party for my cousin in our backyard on Saturday,
at one point, I quietly slipped away into our house,
to take care of some business.
I locked the front door behind me.
I thought I was all alone.
I took care of the business,
and after washing my hands,
I decided to ex-neigh the match and, instead, get the new Febreeze out from under the kitchen sink.
I throw open the bathroom door,
to find my husband standing on the other side.
 Out of fear and embarrassment,
I just stood there...
and prayed that God would plug his nostrils.
Before I could say anything,
Tyler put his hand in the air and said
Babe! I'm proud of you! That would compete with one of mine! High five!
and you know what I did?
I gave him a high five.
During the past 10 months of living with Tyler,
I have caught myself expelling gasses, laughing at myself (and others) expelling gasses, and even saying the precious that's what she said line. 
And you know what is terrifying?
I secretly enjoyed that high five.

Please ladies,
tell me I'm not alone.


Kate said...

ha! what a great response :P I can't say I've had an encounter quite like that, but I definitely know what you mean about taking on each other's traits!

Jessica Jane said...

It is starting to happen to me too:)

Tere Shake said...

ha! that is amazing. i feel the same way, your not alone. i think that its also the comfortable factor coming into play. the more comfortable you are around your significant other the more you let loose!

Lauren said...

HAHAHA you are officially married. You are totally not alone on this one. A lot of my hubby's friends aren't married yet so they'll come over to hang out and they treat me like one of the guys. I've heard every fart joke under the sun and even came up with a few of my own "that's what she said" jokes. You know you're in trouble when you're husband asks you to come look at what he did in the toilet because he's so proud!

CarleeJ said...

You are definitely not alone! I love how your husband was waiting outside the door for you. So cute!


tandaschroeder said...

Aha! You are so so cute. I absolutely love your blog and so excited to start following it. Oh...and you're definitely not alone!

Come visit me at:

We & Serendipity

♥ xoxo.

Anonymous said...

haha totally not alone!
and you know the best thing about becoming the woman version of your husband? he becomes the male version of his wife.
in the littlest of ways, in the greatest of ways, in the funniest of ways...
what i love about the role reversal is that it builds a greater connection to the one that you love. the quirks and things that used to separate you and define you as individuals are the those that start to connect you and define you as one entity.
aint love grand?
damn straight it is!
*ps - the high five is GOLD!*

JJ said...

ha ha. Ryan gets "excited" when something similar happens. you are not alone girl.

Lydia Geisendorfer said...

A woman version of your husband... I started to laugh but then I began to examine my last year with my hubby... Scary but SO true! HE HE HE Never would have thought! :D

B said...

You are so not alone there!! Even my almost two year old son talks about poo-poo!

The Adventurer said...

Pahahahaha, I love this. I also love that this is not the first time you have written about expelling gasses. That, my friend, is so great. Only because its hilarious and not because I have a thing for gasses.

A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia said...
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Ashley said...

I am a new follower :)

Love your blog!!

Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!

Amber @ My Life in High Heels said...

This post is nothing short of awesome!!! Haha I am definitely a new follower. Lovin the blog

Lex said...

You are so not alone, haha!

Bri DeLang said...

Haha, love this story! And no mam' you are not alone :) I find myself doing things and saying things I'd never thought would become so natural to me, like staying up late. My husband has made me a night owl whereas before I was quite the go-to-bed-early grandma haha

Whitney Leigh said...

not alone. not even a little.
i miss you. where have you gone!

Ginny said...

This is by far my favorite post thus far. Love your honesty!!!

Autumn Ingram said...

hahaha it is scary and fun all at once:)

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm SO glad I'm not alone!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm so glad! I can't wait to see what I'm like when we've been married 50 years! ha!

Autumn Ingram said...

AHHHH! hahahaha! I don't know what I will do if Tyler ever shows me what he did in the toilet! I find a lot of enjoyment in "that's what she said" jokes:)

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! I was mortified when I saw him standing there!! hahah but it ended up being pretty funny:)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you so much!!! I love yours too!! Just started following it:) You girls are making me feel much better about my newly developed man traits!

Autumn Ingram said...

You described it so perfectly!!!!
It sure is grand!!

Autumn Ingram said...

I am so glad!!! Marriage is such a fun journey:)

Autumn Ingram said...

hahahaha! It IS scary, I never would have thought it either...but I am kind of starting to love it:)

Autumn Ingram said...

That is awesome! Silly boys:)

Autumn Ingram said...

hahahahahahah! It sure isn't! I believe I am now a pro at expelling gasses! I may have been a pro before, but I just didn't declare it openly. I am very proud and open about it now haha.

Autumn Ingram said...

Thanks girl!!!

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you so much!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

haha! I am so glad!

Autumn Ingram said...

haha I am still a go-to-bed early grandma, but I'm sure that will also change eventually!

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm back!!!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

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