Can I just say that my life has been every definition of CRAZY since my last post?
Because it has.
 We have been making a lot of decisions.
(The words in the parenthesis describe how each decision makes me feel.)
Decision #1=house (uber excited)
I loved the house.
I also love a lot of other houses we have looked at.
there is A LOT of intense prayer going on right now.
We want to be a million and twelve percent positive that we are picking the right one!
The hubs took all of our information to a loan office,
just to make sure we could get a loan remotely close to what we would need (for any of the houses).
We were extremely surprised to find out that we were approved for WAY more than we thought we would be.
I am so blessed to have a "money minded" husband.
I openly admit that I am terrible with money.
He is the only reason we are able to buy a house.
He is the best saver and tither ever!

Decision #2= anniversary trip (old and happy)
our 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching.
We had planned (and saved) to go to Florida (where we first met).
But we encountered a problem.
Since I just recently started my job,
I found out that I only had 2 vacation days.
Our anniversary is on August 6th,
so I took Friday (the 3rd) and Monday (the 6th) off.
We were going to make the 10 hour drive on Friday,
do around on Saturday,
visit friends on Sunday,
make the 10 hour drive, back home, on Monday,
and go back to work on Tuesday.
After much deliberation,
we both admitted that we weren't looking forward to driving 20 hours in 4 days.
So we have decided to celebrate our anniversary close by,
and go to Florida when I can take a whole week off....
because we're an old married couple...
and we just can't travel long distances in short amounts of time like we used to ;)

Decision #3= dog #2? (sad)
Oh my gosh.
This was a not so good decision.
For real.
We had made ourselves believe that our BayLee boy needed a sibling.
We thought he was lonely.
We thought wrong.
Last week, 
we found a 9 month old yorkie poo online.
She was being fostered by the SPCA.
We just KNEW she was going to be PERFECT.
Her and BayLee would be bffs and frolic in a field full of flowers.
Sunday came,
and off we went.
To pick her up.
The last thing the foster mommy said to me was,
now if things don't work out, just bring her on back, she's my baby!
I chuckled because I just couldn't imagine how it could NOT work out.
Let me just tell you how it could NOT work out.
The poor puppies.
They hate each other.
I know.
Everyone says that it takes time.
But they are literally trying to kill each other.
And when they aren't trying to kill each other,
they are plotting to kill each other.
I can tell.
It's not good.
She is the SWEETEST baby girl.
And BayLee is the sweetest boy.
They just aren't sweet together.
They fight (not play)
and I can't handle the amount of poop-age that has been going on in my house.
BayLee is COMPLETELY house broken.
Sweet girl is not.
Sweet girl poops in the floor.
Sweet girl gets in trouble.
BayLee decides to regress....
and poop in the floor, too.
Mama can't handle that.
Maybe if I had endless amounts of time to work with them.
But I don't:(
I'm pretty sure we will have to take her back this Saturday,
and it breaks my heart.
I have cried and cried and cried.
The doggy fairytale in my head was a major fail.
 I feel like BayLee was trying to warn me in this picture.
Hey mom, poo on this...she looks sweet now...but this is just the car ride home...mom...hey mom...we really don't like each other. 

Decision #4= mani pedi! (HECK YES)
I decided to have my FIRST mani pedi since my wedding.
I'm not kidding when I say we have been hard core saving!
Before our wedding,
I got them every month.
I sure did.
But I figured I could give them up for a while.
 I was spending 60 bucks per month.
Times that by 11 and that gives you $660!
Every little bit counts!
It was the best mani pedi EVER.

So that's where I've been!
I've entered the world of "grown up" decisions...
you know, 
the one our parents constantly told us about.
It's a love/hate relationship.
I hope you had a FABULOUS day!


jes @ twosmuppies said...

oh nooooo (about the dog situation).
i think that even though the decision is a hard one to make, taking the sweet girl back might be the best thing for both her and baylee.
the stress might make things worse on both of them. and you.

Autumn Ingram said...

I totally 100% agree! BayLee is just a one dog show.

Ashley said...

I also have had to give a dog back, and it was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I also cried (a lot) but just know that she will find a good home!

Ummmm and the nail color choice, aaaaamaaaaazing!

Ashley :)

Stephanie said...

I am so jealous of your mani/pedi. I have had ONE since our wedding. Then I felt guilty afterward. Haha. Growing up has its downsides for sure!

Anonymous said...

SO many exciting things going on in your life right now, love! Take the time to enjoy every little moment and every little choice. :)

I know what you mean about the dog situation. We thought the exact same thing with Zombie, and got him a brother and it was horrible. For a few weeks. But now, they LOVE each other!! =) They fought and Zombie even bled a few times, but now it's all fine. :)

Good luck!

dreaming en francais said...

That's exactly why I'm scared to bring another pup into the family, as much as I would want to -- I think Snoopy would hate having to share the attention! Also, your mani pedi looks great! I made the decision to start saving by doing my own a while ago too, so far I've done a good job with not giving in and going to get them done. We'll see!


Real Food Runner said...

Cute blog :)


Erin said...

Love the mani/pedi - and love your sweet heart!
have a blessed weekend, girl :)

Andrea D said...

Ahhh, house shopping is so exciting (I know this from hours of "pretend" house shopping via the interwebs, not from legitimate house shopping)! I hope you find the one of your dreams :)
And I'm so bummed for you about your doggy situation! We were afraid Yoshi might be a butthead when it came to adapting to his new sister, but they hit it off really well. Hope that works out, whether it mean taking her back or getting them into doggy counseling (such a thing? There probably is, haha).

P.S. Our anniversary is August 7th (almost twins!). We have visitors in town that aren't leaving until the morning of the 7th and MORE visitors arriving on the 9th, so we aren't doing anything too fancy for our anniversary, either. I think it's the thought that counts most :)