Fabulous Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starting today (it actually started yesterday), my weekend is gong to be filled with cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.  I received a phone call from the clinic (where I am now employed) yesterday, and my first day is THIS Monday!  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!  One of the last things the woman said to me was, "Just wear your color coordinated scrubs, bring your stethoscope, and your watch."  Guess what I did as soon as I hung up the phone? I laid out my scrubs and got my bag ready, fully equipped with my pink stethoscope.  I'm such a nerd:)  Come on Monday!  Back to cleaning.  Not just ordinary cleaning.  I got this massive "Susie Homemaker" feeling after the phone call.  It hit me, all of a sudden, that starting Monday, I'm not going to have as much free time as I have now.  Because of that, I started extreme cleaning yesterday.  I am determined to make our house sparkle by Monday.  I also went grocery shopping yesterday.  Tyler went with me and when I asked him what he would like to make himself for lunch next week, his response was, "Oh man....I have to make my own lunch....that stinks..."  Yep, I'm guilty.  For the past 4 months, I have been the wife who always has a hot meal waiting on my hubby when he comes home for lunch.  I spoiled him....and now I've realized that he may, in fact, starve next week.  

Tyler and I took BayLee for a walk on the river trail, Wednesday evening.    The river trail is a trail in the woods, beside a river.  It goes for miles and miles.  We walked for about two hours, and we may have gone about two miles.  Maybe.  It was BayLee's first time on the trail, and since hundreds of dogs have been there, most of our time consisted of him sniffing every patch of grass and marking his territory.  He was doing it so frequently that we started to think he was doing it, not just to mark his territory, but also to be able to find his way back home, if necessary. Bless his little heart.  Even though it took forever, we got a lot of laughs out of watching him.  I mean, I can't blame him for wanting to sniff and pee on everything.  After all, there were a lot of new things to sniff and pee on.
Here is what 99% of our walk looked like :)

We also encountered our first snake of spring during our walk.
This is a picture I found online.

Are those mine or Tyler's hands in the picture? HECK NO! We are both terrified of snakes.  We came across two boys on the trail.  They were both bent over, looking at the ground.  We were curious to see what they were looking at.  It was a baby snake, and it looked very similar to the one in the picture.  No, I didn't take a picture, myself.  I didn't want to get my hand near it, baby snake or not...it creeped me out.  Tyler started talking to the boys and they told him that they had talked to a couple of women, farther up the trail, who said they had seen two big snakes during their walk.  HELLO MAMA AND PAPA SNAKE!  We decided to turn around and head back to the car :)

In honor of Fur Baby Friday:
Bath time!

BIG, EXCITING NEWS! Yesterday, I had a lot of errands to run.  Since it was eighty degrees, I decided to leave BayLee at home (because I didn't want to leave him in the car, in that heat). By himself.  That's a big decision to make.  You see, BayLee has some anxiety issues.  Mainly, separation anxiety issues.  Whenever he is left alone, he shakes uncontrollably; drools profusely; pants like there's no tomorrow; and poops one hundred and seven million, puppy tootsie rolls in the floor.  Even though he does his business, outside, RIGHT before I leave, there are still one hundred and seven million.  I've decided that he has a reserve, you know, in case of emergency.  So, deciding to leave him home alone is a HUGE decision.  It is a decision that usually involves coming home, picking up his tootsie rolls, and scrubbing the carpet.  But yesterday, when I came home, there were NO TOOTSIE ROLLS! Hallelujah! I was so proud.  SO proud.  This gave me a lot of relief, because I have been very worried about what he was going to do when I went to work.  I believe his lessened anxiety was a mixture of two things.
Thing #1- Uncle Sparky
I picked up my brother parent's dog and brought him to my house, to give BayLee some company.  
They've become BFFs :)

Thing #2- Thundershirt

In December, I saw an article that was talking about Thundershirt.  It claimed that it was "proven to help your dog's anxiety."  I was extremely skeptical, but after much research, I decided to buy it.  It had a money back guarantee, so what was there to lose?  It did help.  I put it on him every time he had to be home alone.  He stopped drooling, shaking and panting.  The tootsie rolls, however, looked like they were in it for the long haul.
SO, because of Uncle Sparky and Thundershirt, I came home to a clean floor!

One more thing.  Subway used to be my FAVORITE fast food restaurant to eat at.  Then I found out I couldn't eat bread.  Fail.  I knew they made salads, but I was nervous to try a "Subway Salad."  For some reason I thought they would be gross.  After a whole year, I finally tried one this week.  They are DELISH!  There are endless options.  You can turn any six inch sub into a salad.  Genius.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!


Tricia said...

Bath time pictures are some of the best pictures. The eyes! (Hopping over from Fur-Baby Friday!)

Jes said...

oh my crap! your furbaby looks exactly like mine and i can't stop staring. LOVE IT!
xx jes, newest follower

The Millers said...

Umm your dog is SO stinking cute! I am loving the blog. xo

Kimberly Bonham said...

Thank you for following my blog! I am now following your lovely blog! Can I just say how much I love your picture for your header! Beautiful! Excited to learn more about you through your blog!

Autumn Ingram said...

Oh you are so welcome! Thank you so much, I am excited to learn more about you, too! I love the name of your blog, we're already brown-eyed sistas!;)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thanks so much! He is pretty awesome:)

Autumn Ingram said...

Holy cow!!!! After I read this comment, I went to your blog to get an up close view of your pup. They DO look exactly alike! They're just rockin' different ear styles:) What breed is your baby??

Autumn Ingram said...

I totally agree! Love them:) Thanks for stopping by!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Congrats on the new job, own that pink thin-a-ma-bob that I am sure I can't spell off the top of my head.

Good luck cleaning all weekend, I should do the same thing, but my weekends are my days off, so........ I'm gonna be a bad wife one day basically.

Cancer survivor? Awesome. So freaking awesome.

I hope you know your comment on my blog was so sweet. so sweet.

Angie said...

Hey there! Congratulations on the job! That is exciting!

And thanks for finding me today...following you back! Have a super weekend!

OH! And if you have any extra time, my house could use a deep scrub too....thanks! :)


JJ said...

Oh my I love the bath photo! So cute! new follower. I'm at www.dextermorgansmama.com.

Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ said...

Well hello there! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it always makes my day to "meet" someone new in the blogger land. :) So... two things. 1- You look GORGEOUS in your header photo! and 2- I may or may not be already in love with your dog! OH MY GOSH. Soooo cute. I would have the exact same breed of dog if our apartment place allowed pets... One day it will happen!

I'm excited to see your purse peep tomorrow! :)

Laura {a spoon full of joy} said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I love meeting other nurses too! And, I also have a pink stethoscope though it hasn't been used in a while.... :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you so much!
And, oh girl, this whole "I'm going to clean all weekend" thing is a first for me...and to be quite honest, I didn't like it at all.
I'm so glad to "meet" you!

Autumn Ingram said...

Thanks so much!!!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

And I'm glad I found your blog!

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you!! I'm following you back:)

Autumn Ingram said...

You are very welcome! And thank you so much! Yes! You HAVE to get a yorkie-poo, one day. I think they are the sweetest/cutest/best/most perfect/most amazing dogs on the planet.. I may or may not be partial;)

I had a blast linking up!

The Pink Growl said...

Hi I'm visiting from Fur Baby Friday! :) I've read a lot about those thundershirts too, one of my friends at work got one for her dog and said it was great. Glad to find you! :)