Weekend Fun

I had a awesome jam-packed weekend!

Tyler and I left Friday evening for our getaway in Roanoke, Virginia.  We arrived around eight and decided to check into our hotel before going to dinner.  We stayed in the Hyatt Place, and it was super nice.

Before we left home, I looked up reviews for some restaurants.  Sometimes we find ourselves being creatures of habit, so I wanted to try at least one new restaurant while we were there.  I came across a Mexican restaurant called Abuelo's.  It had a five star rating.  We love Mexican food, so we decided to try it out Friday night.
Their five star rating was definitely no joke.  It was not only the best Mexican food we've ever had, but it was also the best food/restaurant experience, in general, that we've ever had. It was AMAZING.  If you click on the link below the picture, it will take you to their official website.  You can find locations and see their menu.  Tyler recommends the Fajita Tacos and I recommend the Enchiladas with the sour cream sauce.  The queso is, also, to die for!  If you like Mexican food, you NEED to eat at Abuelo's!

Saturday morning we woke up at eight o'clock.  Our plan was to shop all day, and that is EXACTLY what we did. Amen!  I absolutely adore shopping and thankfully, my husband likes it, too.
A few weeks ago, I found a fashion blog, Kendi Everyday, that completely inspired me.  She talks about how people should have a "working wardrobe."  Meaning, a wardrobe that can be mix and matched and mixed and matched and mix and matched, some more.  She says that when you go shopping, if you see something you like, you need to make sure it will "work" in your closet.  If you can think of at least three outfits you can make with that new item and your existing wardrobe, you buy it.  If you can't think of 3 outfits (or pretty much any number you choose), don't buy it.  It makes SO MUCH SENSE.  I have a million pieces of clothing but I always end up saying "I don't have anything to wear," and that's why! I don't have a "working wardrobe." On Friday afternoon, I completely went through my closet.  When I was finished, I had three HUGE trash bags of clothes that I either, didn't wear anymore or that couldn't be made into more than one outfit. 
Ok, so anyway, back to Saturday, the shopping day! Our first stop was at Plato's Closet.  It is an awesome second hand clothing store that buys your used (name brand) clothes! I made about $100. Score.  We then headed to the mall.  I started building my new wardrobe at my three favorite stores: T.J. Maxx, Gap, and Charlotte Russe.  Everything I bought could be mix matched AND they could also be mix matched with the clothes I had left in my closet. It's just a start, but I am well on my way to having a complete mix and match wardrobe. It was so much fun! Tyler even had fun helping me.  Of course, we went to all of his stores, too!  
After shopping, we had dinner at Olive Garden (always a yummy choice) and on the way home we stopped and had double chocolate-chip frappuccinos (Starbucks), in honor of the 75 degree weather!

Here's a few pictures that I took on my cell phone.
Going to Abuelo's!

My hubs at Olive Garden

Not sure why I'm leaning forward, guess I was hungry!

Sunday consisted of church, my baby cousin's birthday party, and going with  my sweet friend to help watch her three month old, twin boys while she took her nursing board exam. 

Oh! Here's the mini daffodils! :)

Today, I was sick. Stupid gluten allergy.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and a not-so-bad Monday!


Lyndsey said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I love love love double chocolate chip frapps. Feel like that should be what I get after every work out! haha!

The Adventurer said...

We have Abuelo's here, too. Those nachos... oh, girl, I die!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

We have an Abuelo's about an hour away, and it's amazing! =) I'm glad y'all had such a good time!

I'm working on getting together a post about the people I've swapped buttons with! Yours is the only e-mail address I'm missing. I would just like a little "summary" of you and/or your blog and the post will go up in April. I'll use your button for the picture. My e-mail address if mynewwifelife@aol.com if you'd like to participate!

Montaya said...

We have an Abuelo's here also we are going to have to try it. Looks like you had a great weekend.

Shannon Gallegos said...

I loved reading about your weekend! I just took all this time taking pics of some of my clothes BUT now instead of the hassle of listing on Craiglist I am so taking them to Plato's closet -thanks for the help girl! This truly just saved me time!

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm so glad it helped!!! I hope you get lots of money :)

Autumn Ingram said...

Oh you HAVE to!!!! Let me know how it is:)