God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

My hubs is out of town.
His grandpa passed away on Sunday afternoon, so he drove home (to Alabama) yesterday morning.
I have exams this week, so I am flying to Alabama on Thursday night.
We will be apart for 4 days and 3 nights.
I've never had to stay in our house by myself, so last night was definitely....
Yes. I am a chicken!
For some reason when I turn on the TV, it seems to ALWAYS be on some kind of investigation.
You know.
This girl was minding her own business when all of a sudden...
she disappeared, or she was kidnapped, or she was murdered, or some strange man came up to her and licked her elbow.
And of course I can't change the channel.
So I sit there.
 With my eyes as big as saucers.
And say things like, "oooo," "oh my gosh," "what if a guy hides under my car," "where's my mace," 
and so on.
 Last night, my mom asked me if I wanted to stay with them so I wouldn't have to be alone.
(note that when she gave me that invitation, it was during daylight hours)
Noooooo. Mom, I am a married woman....I can handle it.....I'm not scared...pshhh.
And then it got dark outside.
And this chick's brain immediately went to a scary place.
I decided to make rounds...with mace in hand and brave pup by my side.
 I made sure all of the windows and doors were locked.
I made sure all of the floors (underneath the beds), closets, and showers were uninhabited.
I made sure EVERY light in the house was on.
 Then I went to sleep bed.
One of the noises, I heard, was a scratching sound on the bedroom window...and I was certain that it was a scary, red eyed, drooling, stringy haired, killer.
The last time I looked at the clock, it was 2 in the morning...and I was praying and singing 

One night down,
only two more to go.

 I imagine this is what my face looked like, all night...even when I was sleeping.

Happy Tuesday!


Brianna Tucker said...

I feel you. I get nervous when the hubs goes oot for work and I give my dogs a pep talk haha. My dad always tells me Andrew doesn't keep you safe every night God does and hes still there when Andrew leaves! Great wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you should just hang a banner outside your house that says, "Come and get me, crazy, red-eyed, stringy-haired killer!" Geez, Autumn :O

Anonymous said...

See you tonight! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa. Licked her elbow?? Haahaha.

Laura Wilson said...

ahahah aw, poor thing!! I'm sorry to hear about your husband's grandpa but I can definitely relate. My boyfriend works at night until about 2 in the morning so until he gets home, every noise is leading up to my imminent kidnap and/or death. 2 more nights, you can do this!!

mamagoogl said...

Hey baby girl <3 you can still come home! You are soooo silly :D

Mrs. Robinson said...

Awww...I'm right there with ya, girl! My husband has been doing lots of training this month for his new job and we've had to spend some nights apart. It sucks...in fact, he's leaving tomorrow and won't come home until Friday and staying home alone is NOT fun. I sleep with my gun on my bedside table, though. And the alarm set. And was mildly terrified. My parents, too, said I could stay with them & I wanted to tough it out. But it sucks. haha

Emily said...

you are so brave! i couldn't do it!

The Adventurer said...

Every post. Hilarious. Not hilarious that you're scared (I hate staying alone in my APARTMENT. Really? Yes. I'm such a wimp). Hilarious that people lick elbows. Also terrifying.

Stephanie said...

Can totally relate to this! I thought I could brave the night alone but, alas, not true. My sister is now my official cuddle buddy when my husband goes out of town.

Oh, veggie tales, I love you.

My Name is Jacy said...

I'm divorced and so I ad to get used to the idea of sleeping alone and quick. I was so afraid at first but now, I've gotten used to it and I don't get scared anymore...

Funny though, my exhusband always would say "Jacy, you must think you are pretty darn HOT because every where we go, you think someone is hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce..." haha!

Darling blog! GLAD I found you :)


Lauren said...

My hubby has been gone for three weeks, so I can totally empathize with being scared about being alone!