What a show!

What I'm about to tell you is going to be pretty descriptive.
Since I am a nurse, and all, I am completely comfortable with talking about human anatomy.
Moving on.

I bought some new scrubs a few weeks ago, and I wore one of the tops today.
I thought I was hot stuff this morning.
I clocked in at 8:30AM.
As soon as I got there, the patients started to pour in.
One right after another.
I love when we are busy because my day zooms by.
The rush finally died down and I was able to go to the bathroom at 11:40AM.
While I was bent over, washing my hands, I looked up into the mirror and gasped.
I could see my belly button.
Meaning, the neck of my scrub top was hanging down so low that I could clearly see my navel.
Not only could I see my navel...I could also see my boobs.
Not only could I see my boobs...but they are so small that my bra was also gaping open...
and my nips were shining bright.
I realized, after saying "hey" to my nips, that I had been bending over like that to take blood pressures ALL MORNING.
And the tables are just the right height for the patient's eyes to be front and center.
Good grief.
That's professional.
For three hours I had been giving everyone a peep show.
For once, I'm glad I'm not busty...I have hopes that some of the patients thought they were just bug bites.

I told Tyler about my accidental naughty nurse behavior, and with a sideways smile, his reply was,
"Did you make any tips?"

I've always said that I will do everything I can to help people feel better....
but showing my nips is NOT what I meant by "everything."
If a plethora of elderly men come in tomorrow and request me to be their nurse,
I may die.

On another note, we stopped at Sweet Frog on the way home from Alabama, yesterday!
 It is a frozen yogurt shop.
They have a zillion different flavors and a trillion different toppings.

This is my "I really want to hurry up and take this picture so I can eat the yummy goodness" face.
This is his "I don't really like frozen yogurt but I'm glad you're excited" face.
Why yes, that is peanut butter frozen yogurt, Butterfinger pieces, strawberries, cookie dough pieces, and marshmallow cream:)


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Can I just say how much I love your hair? I do. I really do.

I need to get ice cream for the frog shop.. I really just do. bad.

And I was worried about reading your post, because I am very busy eating ceral, alas, it was a safe post, you flasher.. way to go.. people can't tell the difference between my boobs & my skin.. so no big deal.

Whitney Leigh said...

you naughty nurse, you!
I'm seriously dying right now.

Amy K said...

Cute Blog!! We should follow each other - http://amyklundt.blogspot.com/

Stephanie said...

Hahaha oh gosh. Great story...sounds like an interesting day, haha.

Autumn Ingram said...

Why thank ya, mam!
You do. You really do.
Sorry I scared you! Some people don't like to say or hear the word "nip," I guess they think it's racy. Whatever.

Autumn Ingram said...

hahaha! Oh I know. I just can't help myself.

Autumn Ingram said...

Following you, girl! Your blog is cute as well!

Autumn Ingram said...

It sure was! I consider myself insanely modest...so mortified doesn't even come close to how I felt! :)

JJ said...

HAHAHA I love this story. I mean I feel bad for you, but it was a fun read.

That frozen yogurt looks amazing! You guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

If your ever in Lexington they have one!

The Adventurer said...

Ok, this is glorious. Not that you gave infinity patients a free show, but that you got to share it with us. I love that, you know, and you!