building blocks

One of the building blocks of marriage.
the brutal,
un-sugar coated,
(no sprinkles)
((no cherry))
I like being honest with Tyler.
observe the following examples..

if I see a hair sticking out of his nose, I say:
"ummm...you have Tarzan's swinging vine hanging out of your nose."

if he's sock-less and I notice he needs to clip his toe nails, I say:

if his breath smells like butt, I say:
"Your breath smells like butt."

I could go on and on.
raw, hardcore honesty.
I'm good at it.
But Tyler isn't as good.
I know that sometime in the 14 months we've been married 
I have had butt breath,
a 4 inch long mustache,
one eyebrow,
and many other things that he could have called me out on.
But he never did.
I guess he is afraid he will hurt my feelings.
Let me correct that.
He WAS afraid he would hurt my feelings.
He was finally 100% brutally honest with me.
Not just one time,
but 2 times in about a 3 minute time span.
At church this past Sunday,
we had "event choir" sign ups
(for Christmas).
 One of my friends came up to me and said
"Oh Autumn, you should do it with me!"
my automatic response was
After her and I were finished talking,
she walked away,
and Tyler said....
"You would be a good choir singer.  No one can hear you in the choir."
I wish someone had taken a picture of my facial expression.
I am very aware of my singing abilities.
I know I sound like a dying cow.
But before that comment,
my husband had always sugar coated it by saying,
"Oh stop. You can carry a tune."

I was still in shock by his comment as we were leaving,
and then he said..
"Your face is really shiny."

I've always begged Tyler to be brutally honest with me.
But now that he has been,
I think I am regretting my decision...
because now I know that my husband is also aware of my singing abilities 
and that if the government soaked up the oil on my face,
they could lower gas prices tremendously.

One of the building blocks of divorce marriage,


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

My Husband seems to take honesty much better than I do... Hmmm... ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Anonymous said...

Haha - we, my dear, are the same! :) I am always very, very honest with Van...even if he can't handle it sometimes. I need to be more careful. He, on the other hand, likes to keep his little comments to himself. But when he speaks...I usually am in complete shock, just like you!

Whitney Leigh said...

I always tell Landon when he has a bat in the cave or when he has a zit that needs to be popped. And he reacts like I did him a huge favor by telling him. But when he returns said favor, I get mega embarrassed, hide my face and yell, "DON'T LOOK AT ME!"

Anonymous said...

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