we fit in.

I had a blast this weekend!
I got video of hubs screaming during Howl-O-Scream.
I rode a million and five roller coasters.
And I didn't throw up once.
 I can't wait until I can tell you all about it.
I am currently studying...
(well, not currently)
((but before that and after this)).
So until I can write a longer post,
I hope you enjoy this little gem.
This experience was on my 
Top 5 favorite things of the weekend.
I try to act normal,
but sometimes you can't hide west virginian.


Shauna said...

Omg! It is magical. I'm in Oregon and I've never seen anything like that either. And mello yellow? What is that? I guess I don't get out much ;)

Brittany Doyon said...

Oh my goodness that thing was cray cray. and you are so funny! I love coming to your blog!! :)


Lindsay said...

Haha. Your blog cracks me up. That is a pretty fancy machine.... I am not sure I would know how to work one! lol. And, the possibilities of flavors.. how did you ever choose?

Whitney Leigh said...

we've got those machines all over the place here.
they're just popping up everywhere. I love em.

Anonymous said...

We have 1 here in South Ga....pretty fancy....I made my husband get his drink first so I wouldn't look stupid and do something wrong! :)