i think i'm in trouble.

My husband's memory isn't as good as it used to be.
He's forgetting things...
things like the definition of 
air freshener.
 We only have one bathroom in our house,
so obviously,
this is an extremely terrifying situation
(for me).
Before now,
when I would go into the bathroom,
(after he had recently occupied it)
it smelled of
over-perfumed man poo.
 I didn't think it could get any worse.
Let's talk about the current situation.
when I walk into the bathroom 
(after he's finished his "paperwork")
I am smacked in the face with
raw, natural, undisguised man poo.
Why hubs?!
Are you trying to kill me?
Do you not love me anymore???
I have done everything I can think of
to get the over-perfumed man poo, back
(I can't believe it, either).
But so far,
I have yet to succeed.
 Want to know something funny?
He just came in and asked what I was writing about.
I told him...
Hoping he would be embarrassed.
And that maybe,
just maybe...
he would say that he miraculously remembered what air freshener is for,
and that he would start using it again...
as long as I promised not to submit this post.
Instead of doing anything I hoped for,
he laughed.
He is still laughing.
What on earth is wrong with him?
I think I'm in trouble.

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Bailey Bouwman said...

Sounds exactly like my husband... sigh, boys.

Anonymous said...

AS I'M READING THIS, I can smell over-perfumed-man-poo in our living room, wafting from the bathroom. It's terrible....but maybe I should be....thankful?

Lauren Cooper said...

I can't even breath I am laughing so hard. You poor thing... The other day I walked into my boyfriends house and almost turned around and walked back out..but I was too weak to even move... Man poo stench is THE worst. Ick.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i just scream. loud, obscene things when i smell man poo. mainly i scream, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU KILL IN THERE?". that's the censored version, btw.

Life as a Bird said...

Some how I came across your blog! Super cute.
Loved reading "Our Story".
What an inspiring story. You two seem like amazing people. I'm a new follower! I'm still new to the blogger world, so I love finding new/great blogs.

Check my blog out (Life As A Bird) at

Sara said...

LOL this made me crack up. Boys are always fun. Cannot wait for the blog friend package swap :)

Miss V's Busy Bees

Whitney Leigh said...

I just lay outside the bathroom and pretend to be dead. he just steps over my body like it was a job well done. what a douche.

Shauna said...

LoL .. I'm sorry though. Have you tried payback?

Jenny S said...

I am laughing so hard MY husband came down to see what I was laughing at! Cute post! And good luck, after 13 years neither of us remembers anymore what air freshener is!! hehehe!

Katie Ann said...

I have to say...I always come to your blog when I need a laugh or a smile!!! You and your hubby are adorable =)

Anonymous said...

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