i have a problem..

Have I ever mentioned how much I 
I love having a clean house.
but I hate cleaning.
(is that an oxymoron?)
I have developed, what I believe, is a subconscious problem.
(even though I wouldn't know about it if it was subconscious....just go with it.)
Cleaning Induced ADD.
I decide to hang up the mountain of clothes I tried on and threw down during the week.
I hang up 2 shirts and find myself laying in the floor.
doing absolutely nothing.
just laying there.
hanging out.
I decide to fold clothes.
I fold 3 wash cloths and then realize I've been on Facebook for an hour.
I decide to wash dishes.
After I scrub a couple of plates,
 I decide to find my hubs and give him a hug.
Not a normal 5 second hug,
but an extra long 10 minute hug.
hubs: What, what are you doing?
me: shhhh don't talk. I just love you babe. I just love you so much.
I like to have upbeat music playing when I'm cleaning,
but after listening to it for a few minutes,
I start dancing around and trying to do every dance move I've ever seen on VH1. 
I put a load of clothes in the washing machine
decide it's time to give myself a mani/pedi
and 24 hours later I realize I forgot to put them in the dryer.
Sometimes I rewash them;
but most of the time I just put them in the dryer with a bunch of dryer sheets..
you know,
in attempt to cover up the sour smell that I deny I smell.
I will admit though,
I have done better with the clothes washing.
Because a couple of weeks ago,
Tyler came home from work
 and had this conversation with me:
hubs: Babe...I was really busy today.  I had a lot of people going in and out of my office.
long pause
me: ok?
hubs: All day, I thought that everyone who came in smelled bad. Like sour feet. 
me: ...
hubs: but when I was in my truck...by myself....I smelled it.
me: ...
hubs: you know why? Because my shirt is sour. I was smelling myself all day.
I leaned over and smelled him.
me: ...I wonder how that happened...
hubs: ...............

My name is Autumn,
and I have a problem.


Mallory Castleberry said...

This made me laugh. Love it

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Cleaning Induced ADD... Yeah... That's what it is. A medical condition! Thank you! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

bahaha i can so relate! this is me all the time - and then i have to do a 4 hr long cleaning sesh right before we have guests over. it's ridiculous.

since don't have our own washer/dryer it's been a while since i've dealt with the sour clothes issue. however, i have been known to not do laundry for weeks and then my husband comes home and says "babe, i ran out of clean work shirts".....and then i hand wash 1 or 2 in the sink just to get me through the week lol

Whitney Leigh said...

I think this is a legitimate disease. because I experience all these symptoms every time I clean.

Katie Ann said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that suffers from this =) hahaha...your posts always make me smile!


Rhiannon said...

HAHA, I know the smell because I also forget to hang out the clothes sometimes! I always have to re-wash them though because sadly, it's usually my clothes that smell like that and I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

Haha - been there, smelt that! I hate cleaning, too. And what's worse is that now we are in a teeny tiny apartment, and I'm still a slob. WE are still just as messy as we were in that big ol' house we lived in for the first 10 months. I was hoping that moving into a smaller place would give me more motivation to clean, but no such luck.

What's the treatment, doc?

Lacey said...

Hah... this is too funny!

Your blog is adorable, I'm your newest follower :)

elise said...

new[est] follower. loved this post! can't wait to keep following along!

stop by sometime!