My Thanksgiving festivities are officially over.
Here's a quick recap:

I made every bit of Thanksgiving dinner with my awesome grandma.
After 2 days of cooking and baking- this is what we had!
Pure deliciousness!
We ate left overs for 3 days.
None of my pants fit anymore.
and if I could go back....
I would stuff my face just as much!
I can buy new pants.

Of course the guys hunted until dinner.

Then the Saturday after Thanksgiving,
Tyler's parents came in (from Alabama) for a week long visit.
They went back home this past Saturday.
We had so much fun while they were here!

Be ready for a blog post every day this week.
Boy do I have some things to tell y'all!


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for all the news! :)

Meanwhile, I am so obsessed with that picture of you guys with you in black & him in camo. It's so perfect! It shows you both as individuals, but you still go together. If that makes sense. Anyway, love the picture. You need to frame it. For yourselves, obviously. Not me. I don't love it THAT much. ;)

The Adventurer said...

SO much anticipation!!! I want to know these big things!