the lobes of my life

Today is hubs' birthday!
So naturally this blog post is going to be an ode to him.
He's a good 4 and a half years older than I am,
and he is quickly approaching the next big 0.
No, he's not 30 yet,
but I've been giving him a hard time.
I haven't necessarily called him old,
I've just been letting him know 
 that I'm glad he will always have to hit the big birthdays a solid number of years before I do.
Which means he will have to use adult diapers before me,
and I will always feel young.

And now it's time to show a cheesy picture of him when he was little.
I want to take a second to point out his lobes.
so juicy.
You might think I'm weird
(I'll understand),
but I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
You know how people ask you
What's the first thing you noticed about him/her?
I've never been able to truthfully answer that question.
I always respond with one of the cliche answers like
his dreamy eyes, his gorgeous smile or his sexy bod.
And while I did notice all of those things,
None of them were what I noticed first.
If I were to answer truthfully,
I would say
his luscious lobes.
I'm pretty sure my truthful answer would cause some terribly awkward situations.
So I avoid it.
I have a thing with earlobes.
As soon as I laid my eyes on his lobes,
I heard angels sing.
I like to rub them when I'm stressed or nervous.
I rub mine, too...
but they aren't as glorious as his.

And they keep getting juicier with age.

I love you (and your lobes) so much!


MacKensie said...

bahaha too funny. Happy birthday to your man! I'm a new follower from the bloghop. Thanks for hosting!



Kim @ wanderlustee.com said...

LMAO! hillariousss

i actually rub my boo's lobes all the time too..not sure where i picked up that little habit! haha

Anonymous said...

Autumn, this post was so funny but made me feel good at the same time lol! I too, LOVE my husbands juice lobes...just had to tell you this cause I really thought I was alone lol! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Saw that my post said I was unknown,,,but so I don't look like a creeper I will let ya know who I am Caroline Thorne...to funny now I feel like a creeper lol!