the end of the world.....thanks to Larry.

Well here we are.
The day before "the end of the world."
And why do people believe tomorrow is the end?
Oh yeah, because of the Mayans.
Something about how their calendar ends...and blah blah blah blah.
I would like to propose a theory.
A theory I've had for a while now.

The Cramp Theory.
One day, in the 5th century,
the head Mayans gave Larry a job.
It was tedious, and would require patience...
Larry was appointed to write the calendar.
Not just for the year,
but for infinity.
So Larry sat down and began to write.
He wrote for hours,
for days,
for months...
 for years.
He had written all the way up to the 21st century calendars.
He had finished writing December 20th of 2012,
and as he began to write December 21st,
he had the worst hand cramp of all time.
(before this particular cramp, he had thousands of other hand cramps...but this one was the father of all hand cramps...)
And he quit.
Of course, no one else wanted his job...
would you want constant hand cramps?
probably not.
and that was that.
The end of the Mayan Calendar.
And here we are.
Thanks Larry.
You could have at least sucked it up long enough to write us a little note or something.
It didn't even have to be detailed.
Something along the lines of
 suck, hand cramp, OMG
that would have been sufficient.



Bailey @ House, Home & Puppies said...

=D that's cute

jess said...

hahaha! Love the cramp theory! I think everyone is going to be pretty bummed - we all have to go out and buy NEW Mayan calendars.

Bunny Girl said...

Love your theory!


Whitney Leigh said...

at work we were discussing our theory which is there were two calendars and, Larry, dropped the second one. And was then promptly beheaded.
Poor Larry.

Kathy Moody said...

Love the theory!! :) Your newest GFC follower from the blog hop! I love your blog, too!

Kathy @http://lifeonlakeshoredrive.blogspot.com/

Leah | Travel Quest said...

Your blog is really nice. I'm your new follower from blog hop.I hope you could follow back.

-> Leah