Words with Chando, secret agent man....smiley turd?

I'm in a pretty weird mood today.
I guess it's the "last day of the year" funk.
In honor of the funk,
this post is going to be pretty random/weird/useless.

I've heard "YOU LOOK LIKE THE GIRL IN THE LYING GAME!" quite a few times.
I don't watch the lying game, but after the 10th person said it, I finally decided to look her up.
Her name is Alexandra Chando.
I'm don't really think we look that much alike.
The only thing I see a resemblance in is our joker chins.
What do you think?

Over the past couple of days, 
My brother has gotten me addicted to Words With Friends.
I know. I'm like 500 years behind the times. It's not the "it" game anymore.
Since no one I know is playing, I've successfully transferred my addiction to hubs.
I'm also playing with some random person with the screen name "shawty"...
I guess that's gangster for shorty? That's how I say it, anyway. Shaw-tee.
I have at least 2 games going with hubs,
3 with my brother,
1 with his girlfriend,
and 2 with shawty 
at all times.
That's 8 games that are constantly being played.
I have at least 2 notifications, to tell me it's my turn, every 5 minutes.
I even gave the notifications their own ring tone.
I call it the exciting ring tone.
I forgot to put my phone on vibrate yesterday during church..
and the exciting ringtone rang throughout the sanctuary.
Instead of being worried/embarrassed that my phone was going off during the sermon,
I was filled with happiness and it took all I had to not play the round right then.
But I was a big girl, and just put my phone on vibrate.
I also may have looked at the word shawty played.
If you play, look me up!

Hubs got a laser/strobe light thing for his home protection gun with some of his Christmas money.
Now he constantly walks around the house like he's a secret agent,
pretending there's a killer somewhere.
I took these while laying in bed on Saturday morning.

I love Instagram (Mrs_Ingram11) and I have been wondering how to get the cute little emoticons.
I finally realized it was an app,
and I fell in love with the little fella beside Hubs.
I decided I wanted to see him all the time,
so I placed him beside the person's name who calls/texts me the most.
Yep, that's why I decided on his placement.
Well, that and because Hubs can also be a turd sometimes....
but even when he acts like a turd, I still think he's cute.
Therefore, cute little smiling turd has a permanent home.

I'm going to end this post before I kill you with any more randomosity.
I hope all of you have a great New Year's eve!
Be safe!


Jenny Strickland said...

WOW! I think you do look alot like Alexandra!

I used to play WWW! I haven't playing in a very long time! But it's very fun and addicting!

I love emoticons!!! They are so much fun to add to text's and to contacts!

Jenny Strickland said...

I forgot to say Happy New Year!!

JJ said...

you do look like her.

I am obsessed with the lying game. Like a 13 year old girl obsessed. I will now think of you when I watch it.

Happy New Year!

Love the photo of the "hubs" on the phone.

Amanda said...

I love your blog!! I found it through "Strickly Strickland" :) so excited to get to know you more!! & p.s. I think you look like Amanda Bynes when she was in "What a Girl Wants" :) so pretty!!

Amanda said...

& p.p.s my husband and I got married the same day you & your mr did && my hubs name is Tyler, also :) :)

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

you better quit playing words with friends, RIGHT NOW.

everyone just cheats and cheats and cheats.