Anniversary VLOG!

We've officially been married for one whole year!
In honor of this day,
we made a vlog.


Whitney Leigh said...

Your freaking accent is SO adorable.
as was this vlog. his face on #4. loved it! congrats you guys!

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you!! Do I really have an accent?? Haha Tyler always tells me I do but I never believe him:)

Tricia said...

This is adorable! What a great idea. And I agree with Whitney, you have an adorable accent.
Happy Anniversary and Congrats!

A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia said...

I. Love. This. Blog. It makes me feel so happy every time I read it. Thanks for being so positive and real. Did I mention I love this blog?
-The Spinsters
A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia.

Lindsay said...

You two are so cute! This video was adorable! Happy 1st Anniversary!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thanks, girl!!!:)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thank you so much!

Meg said...

I seriously laughed out loud watching this! I love your blog and totally think we could be friends in real life haha. I just started my blog so head over and take a look!


Brooke Edwards said...

This is so adorable!! I love your accent :)