feels like a dream

The hubs and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary in 5 days!
I CAN NOT believe it has been 1 year.

My next few posts MIGHT be mushy.
They might.
My heart is extra mushy right now.
Like unicorns, rainbows and baby kitten mushy.

So here’s what has been on my heart today..
I had an extremely vivid dream 3 years ago,
(November 2008)
Which is super abnormal for me.
I hardly ever dream,
and when I do,
I don’t remember them.
There are 3 things about my life
during November 2008
that I think are significant.
One.  I was in an extremely controlling relationship.
Two.  I didn’t know my cancer was back.
Three.  I hadn’t met Tyler.
Back to my dream.

I was standing in a random field,
with my (now ex) boyfriend
and I was bawling my eyes out.
I didn’t know why I was crying,
but I knew whatever it was,
 had to be bad.
Then out of nowhere
A “knight in shining armor”
(really, it was a man in armor, riding a horse)
came riding by me,
and held his hand out.
I grabbed his hand,
he swooped me up on the horse with him,
and we rode off.
The end.

Pretty cheesy, huh?
That’s what I thought, anyway.
Just a “silly” dream.

One month later,
I found out that my cancer was back.
5 months later,
 my mom and I packed up to move to Florida for 6 weeks for my radiation treatments.
After 2 weeks of radiation treatments,
I was talking to the former boyfriend on the phone.
I told him that I wanted to find out what God's plan was for me.
He proceeded to cuss me out and tell me I was stupid
 and that for all I knew God might not even be real.
God gave me the courage and strength I needed to break up with him that night.
did I already say hallelujah?
one more time,
And 1 week later,
Tyler Ingram/my knight in shining armor/hubs/BFFL
 asked me out to dinner.

That dream makes perfect sense, now.
I never imagined that little dream would have so much meaning.
One of the first pictures we took together- in Florida:)


Montaya said...

Such a great post.. Have a great anniversary it's amazing how fast the time flies by.

Ali ♥ said...

Happy Early anniversary! Hope for many many more :)

Lex said...

Thank heaven for knights in shining armor. :)

Val said...

happy 1 year anniversary!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww, this post is incredibly sweet. The dreams that we have fascinate me, and I always like to think that there is some reason for the madness.

Happy Almost Anniversary!! Bring on the mush!

jes @ twosmuppies said...

happy almost one year anniversary! you two are adorable.

Rachel said...

Wow! What an awesome, awesome story--the dream paired with what was happening in your life and what God's plans were! Happy Anniversary!


Zia Blue said...

awww, that's wonderful! don't worry, a little bit of mushiness is always good :)