tales from the weekend

Here is a summary of our anniversary weekend.
Remember when I told you we decided to celebrate close to home?
the hubs was feeling all romantic
and decided to plan a small surprise (close to home) trip.
He booked a "cottage" at a huge lake about 2 hours away.
He booked it for Friday night through Sunday morning.
We left for the lake around noon on Friday.
When we got there,
I could tell he wasn't happy.
The cottage was not was he was expecting.
It was falling down,
and the grass was 10 feet tall.
It was.
And right beside the cottage was an old, scary, abandoned camper.
When we walked inside the cottage,
we were greeted by our bed/couch in the form of an old crusty futon,
a plastic outdoor table that was bought from the dollar store 25 years ago,
a 5 inch box TV
complete with a VCR.
Classy huh?
Poor hubs.
He was so upset; 
and I was using hand sanitizer like it was going out of style.
We had seen an awesome drive-in theater on our way to the cottage,
so we decided to hit that up.
 It was AWESOME.
 On Saturday morning,
Tyler wanted to leave.
He thought he had ruined our anniversary weekend.
I assured him that he didn't ruin it,
and that we could make the best of it.
He was feeling better,
until he looked out the window..
and saw 3 half naked men 
walk out of that old, scary, abandoned camper,
and sit on our porch.
Babe, get your shoes on.
So we got in the truck and headed home.
We stopped by Domino's Pizza for lunch
I ate it all.
I had one happy belly and two angry thighs.

On Sunday,
we went to a safari zoo with the family.
 We fed some buffalo and wildebeests,
watched kangaroos scratch inappropriate places,
and met this sexy camel.
I'm not sure if he was blowing me a kiss,
or getting ready to shoot a spit rocket at my face.
Either way,
they said he was quite the ladies man.

Monday was our actual anniversary,
so we went shopping and ate a late lunch at Olive Garden.

We've decided that the cottage will be a funny story to tell our kids about one day.
Oh memories.

Happy Tuesday!


Kristin said...

I say your hubby definitely gets an A for effort! What a sweet surprise. You had a great attitude about the whole thing :) Happy Anniversary!

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i want that pizza right now. right now. right now.
and then after I'm done eating, we can go play with the animals above.
because that camel really is SEXAY.

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Too funny! Hey at least he tried and like you said, it'll be a funny memory to tell your kids one day :) Happy One Year!!


Sara Bell said...

DOMINOS HAS GF PIZZA?!?! Oh my goodness, I'm calling right now! I live in a GF pizza-less town so this is amazing news and I so very much hope mine carries it!! =D