There are three things that make me cringe by just saying them.
paper cuts, under the skin zits and hot air balloons.

I'm going to talk about under the skin zits.
Because I currently have one.
And it makes me angry.
It is SO SORE.

Every time I have one,
I end up making a random fluke facial expression,
that pulls on the zit and makes it very, very angry.
It takes me by surprise,
and I grimace from the throbbing, stinging pain.
Instead of avoiding that facial expression,
I find it necessary (from that point, on) to make it (and grimace) every 5 seconds.
The expressions are extremely unnecessary, unnatural and unattractive.
Here are some examples:
please excuse my XXL nostrils

the hubs said he does it, too

those suckers are unpoppable.
You try to pop it,
and after the first squeeze,
it feels like you just stabbed yourself with a knife.
Even though I KNOW they can't be popped,
I still try.  Every time.
Why do I continue to squeeze them?
Why do I continue to make terrible facial expressions?
I have no clue.
Maybe I'm a weirdo..
or maybe I'm normal?
Either way,
this is what I look like right now
under the skin zits are the devil!


Allie Brooks said...

This is hilarious! I do the exact same thing.... HATE those things!!!

Jenny Strickland said...

I hate under the skin zits!!! They are so painful and I am the same way about trying to pop them!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha AGREED!

Whitney Leigh said...

I try to pop them too! and I usually keep trying until I bleed. So I have a scab, but the zit is still there. ugh. hate those things.

Katlyn Larson said...

I think this is true with everyone! Haha.. You are so hilarious though.. Thank you for making my morning with your zit talk! :P


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Well, yes. I do the EXACT same thing. Why? I don't know! I always end up mad at myself for messing with it/them, but I can never resist.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

those shit heads hurt SO bad! i usually just leave them alone until theyre ready. yes, i cater to them.

Lissy Moore said...

This is Hilarious!!! Too cute!

Becca said...

This is so funny but so true! I am your newest follow from the GFC blog hop!

Rebecca Nalley said...

Haha! Cute! Newest follower from melissa's GFC blog hop! Oh...and more importantly., I ask a lover of Jesus too!

Kasey Lynne said...

Umm you and your hubs make some of the BEST faces. The second one is my personal favorite.

My mom knows how to get rid of these under the skin zits, but it hurts. BUT they go away overnight. It's worth the 5-second pain.