prom do-over

Have you ever looked at your hubs/bf and thought
I sure wish you had been my prom date?
If you did go to prom with them,
I am super jealous!
I SO wish my hubs could have been my prom date!
I couldn't have been his, though.
When he went to his senior prom,
I would have been a whopping 14 years old.
But for my senior prom,
he would have been a hunky 22 year old;)
I've thought long and hard about this..
and I am 112% positive that this is what the event would have looked like:

This is a scene from "High School Musical 3: Senior Year;"
I went to watch the movie when it was out in theaters;
and yes...
I was a High School Musical fan.
Going to prom with Tyler would have been epic.
I would have loved to have this picture in a wallet size.

I watched an episode of "Married to Jonas" on E! last night.
 Kevin's wife had a prom for him (and her) in their basement
 because he never got to go to his prom.
It made me want to have a prom in our living room.
If I can talk Tyler into it,
it just might happen.
I was also a Jonas Brothers fan....
I will tune in to watch other "Married to Jonas" episodes;
and yes..
I openly admitted that I like liked High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers.

I hope your Tuesday was fabulous!


The Pink Growl said...

That picture is hilarious! I'm not a Jonas fan but I did catch an episode of the show the other day and his wife is gorgeous!

Lindsay said...

That picture is so funny. Now, I kind of want to watch Married to Jonas.... thanks a lot! hehehe ; ) And, I hope you can talk your hubs into a Prom in your living room, because that would be so sweet!

Rachel said...

I'm a High School Musical fan too...still trying to convince my husband to watch them with me! I never went to a prom, so I definitely wish I could have gone to prom with my husband. Of course, at his prom I would have been 12 since he was 19. And at my prom, well I was 16 when I graduated high school so he would have been 23. Which sounds very inappropriate but I would have been totally okay with that. The teenage years are really not the best years for men.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Haha love that you openly admit to all those! Me too! And the third HSM definitely almost made me cry. My husband never had a prom because he was home schooled. In college I had a formal to go to so we made it his prom and did the whole corsage, boutinier and pictures, it was a blast!

ashley.warner said...

your blog is DARLING! :)
lovin it!

xo - ashley

ashley.warner said...

ps. i am hosting a chevron necklace giveaway if you're interested in entering!


Danette Dillon said...

Aaahahahahahaha! That is so funny and very cute!

I'm a new follower from the GFC Blog Hop. And I love the idea of having a prom with your husband. You should do it for real!

All My Love for All My Days

jes @ twosmuppies said...

don't hate me. i literally watched 2 minutes of M to Jonas and had to turn it off. perhaps its because i'm not a Jonas Bros fan to begin with? i don't know though. all i know is that i TRIED. i did!

Mimi said...

i think it's a really cute idea to have a prom with your husband. :)

<3, Mimi
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elizalouise.bell said...

first, your blog is cute as all heck.
second, i love your photoshop skillz (seriously)
third, i also watched the jonas show on E, i think i am a little too "old" for the Jbros. I was a child of the 1990s and loved (putting it lightly) the Backstreet Boys.


i couldn't help but wonder...

Nicole said...

Hey there! Your blog is HILARIOUS! I'm so glad I've found it. I followed with GFC and twitter :)