I'm so glad my mom took this picture.
It really is worth a thousand words.
At 3 years old,
my mom put her veil on me
and told me I would be a bride one day.
I had no idea what a bride was,
but I did know that if my mommy was one,
I wanted to be one, too.
And that's where it started,
the dream of being a bride.
As I grew older,
I wondered what my dress would look like,
and who my groom would be
(I swore it was Aaron Carter for a solid 4 years).
The day always seemed so far off,
and even though it seemed magical,
I was always reassured in knowing that it was far off.
After all,
I didn't want to leave my mommy and daddy.
That was a scary thought.
But the years passed quickly
and before I knew it,
I was walking down the isle.

The day that I thought was so far away,
was happening.
As I held my daddy's hand,
my heart was filled with joy and sadness-
because I was still that little girl in my mama's veil.
But I had grown up;
and the reassurance of time was gone.
As my dad let go of my hand,
I looked up and saw my groom smiling,
with tears in his eyes..
and when my hand was placed in his,
 I was reminded that
 he was going to hold my hand forever..
and a new assurance filled my heart.


Tricia said...

I loved the moment when my father "handed me over" to my husband. So symbolic and reassuring. Happy anniversary!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

how precious!

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

What a beautiful post! Such an amazing moment of being handed from your dad to your new husband.

Kristin said...

Ahhhh, what a beautiful way to put it! My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary last month. It is amazing how quickly the days pass. It makes me nostalgic to think how I imagined my wedding day for so many years, and then it came and went in an instant. But the marriage is the important and lasting part. Happy Anniversary!

JENN said...

How cute! I loved what you wrote. :) Checkout my blog, and follow if you like!



Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

aww how sweet.. :)

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i love this! :)
and you look adorable in that first picture.

The Adventurer said...

Oh that Nick Carter. Personally I was with Lance Bass.... and good thing that didn't work out :)