The "B" word.

Today I am going to talk about the "B" word.
A word that makes me cringe.
A word that I have developed extreme hatred towards.
I don't like bills and they sure don't like me.
I never had to pay bills until I got married...
so it is a whole new world for me.
You know, the grown up world.
For some reason, I have willingly adopted the responsibility of remembering to pay them.
I guess I wanted to be "super wife" and try to do everything...
except the dishes.
But here's the problem.
My memory is horrible.
And I am 99.999% positive that I have undiagnosed ADHD.
 I forget to pay the bills.
I usually remember on time, but sometimes I don't.
I've tried everything.
Alarms on my phone, a pocket calendar, a big wipe off calender.
I pay all of our bills online...
It's supposed to be easier, right?
  I will get the computer to pay a bill, 
but instead, I'm like ooooo facebook, blogs, pintrest, google...
I completely forget about paying the bill.
I will remember (the next day) that I needed to pay a bill the day before.
Then I have a spaz attack because I am afraid that I am going to ruin our credit.
My husband, the banker, assures me that being one day won't hurt anything,
but it still freaks me out.
I also get angry because I have to pay a late fee.
I'm afraid that if I continue to be the bill payer, we will eventually have a credit score of "0."
Maybe he will trade dishwasher for bill payer?
The thought of washing dishes makes me want to vomit..
but I think it is pretty necessary for this swap to happen.
Because one day, I want to buy a house...
and I'm sure I will need/want to trade our cars at some point.
Both of those things require good credit scores.
I don't want to be the reason we have to live in a single person tent and ride bicycles to work.
I don't like you, bills, I don't like you one bit.
Because of you, I am going to have to develop a relationship with the dishes.


Whitney Leigh said...

it hit me the other day that I would be in huge trouble if Landon were to die suddenly. not just because I would probably just give up on life, but because I don't even know the password to our bank account. Financially, he does absolutely everything. and I do the dishes. haha

Mrs. Robinson said...

We had a similar problemo. I'm horrible with bills & remembering things & money...I can't be trusted. In the beginning, it was "my job" to make sure all of our bills got paid on time. And it honestly took everything I had in my to do it....calendars, alarms, reminders, sticky notes, a pocket on the fridge, a basket of bills, a binder full of our bank statements and passwords to online accounts, auto-drafted bills, e-mail reminders, lions & tigers & bears, oh my! Just like you, I couldn't stay on top of it. But, I tried. Until my husband told someone...I can't remember who...that HE IS THE ONE WHO HANDLES ALL OF OUR FINANCES. I was like, "Pardon me? Who organizes the bills, writes the checks, seals the envelope, sticks on the stamps, puts them in the mail, etc? That would be me." But he was taking the credit. Because he is the one who checks the mail every day. Pshhh... So...I told him if he wanted the credit, he could HAVE THE WORK that goes along with it. And that was the last day I ever paid a bill. :) Haha! Now...I'm clueless as to what goes on with our finances. Life is happier. My advice...learn to wash the dishes because finances suck. Haha.

Tere Shake said...

oh i was the same way! the only way to pay bills is automatic withdrawl. we have it for EVERYTHING. i cant remember to take birth control which would screw us over if we got prego, (more bills) how am i suppose to remember to pay an electric bill? so that is why automatic withdrawal is the bomb. we do it for every single bill we have.

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! i HATE paying bills...def thankful for some of the automatic withdrawals we have for some of my bills...New Follower via email :-)