My Tuesday

Today has been a LONG day.
I just got home from an MRI/oncology appointment.
I've been passing out a lot, lately.
So they wanted to check my brain.
My oncologist said my brain was "beautiful."
I'll take it!
God is so awesome!
Still not sure why I'm passing out.
No. There is not a bun in my oven.
I'm also not anemic or dehydrated.
Maybe I'm just weird.

The hospital that I go to for my doctor's appointments is 2 hours away.
It's a fairly large city.
And it has A LOT of shopping opportunities.
Since I come from a town with a population of like, 1500, and ZERO clothing stores, 
we couldn't come home without a little retail therapy.
Guess what one of my main purchases was.
Hot. Pink. Jeans.

I have been wanting a pair for months,
and I finally did it.
I love them, but Tyler isn't completely convinced, yet.
I'll post a picture when I wear them.

Before I go to bed, I want to share something with you that will change your life forever.

International Delight Iced Coffee.
I discovered this delicious perfection about a week ago...
and I have already gone through one of each flavor.
All three flavors are amazing.
And I am addicted.
More than addicted.
I could drink it all day, every day.
You NEED to try it.
You're welcome.

I hope everyone had a great day!


JJ said...

omg loveeee the hot pink skinnies!

Montaya said...

Those skinnies are so cute. I have tried the iced coffee and it's delish =)

Stephanie Qualls said...

Maybe you suffer from vasovagal syncope. I do. I have my whole life. I've randomly passed out before but it usually happens when I puke. Hahah. Psh, Who needs doctors when you've got me?!

Jenny said...

I have these same episodes! It used to only happen when I was eating but now it happens at random times! All the doctors I have seen think I am crazy! They say they have never heard of anything like this ever... But I am not crazy! At least I don't think so!

Maybe we both have vasovagal syncope like Stephanie said! Now I have to google it!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Well, hello beauty-brain! Glad to know your head is screw on straight. Hope your health issues clear up sooner rather than later. Passing out's a party foul, for sure. ;) And I'm sure your sweet hubby doesn't like it one bit if his Mrs. is sick. I guess people have been assuming your sickness is pregnancy related? It's a soap box of mine...that all newlyweds should immediately have babies and if the new wife EVER get's sick, she's def preggers? Anyway. Haha! Love the jeans!! =) Hate iced coffee...love frappes. I wonder how they'd work blended with ice??

Val said...

Those jeans are pretty! :-) And I've been wanting to try that coffee but can't, because I can't drink milk!

I'm a new follower and fellow newlywed, I found your blog through Mrs. Robinson :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh, i so want to try the iced coffee! Might have to go get some today...

Zia Blue said...

Oh my, that coffee looks amazinggg! I wonder if I could find some in Canada...
I also ADORE your new skinnies; pink pants= brilliant.


Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I need you to stop passing out, okay?