I admit, today, that I have a problem.
I usually forget to rinse out my dishes before I put them in the sink.

There has been a dish washer in my house since I was little, 
but the house Tyler and I live in doesn't have room for one.
You know what that means, right?
Hand washing the dishes.
I hate it.
When we got married, I told Tyler that I had never really hand washed dishes before.
He told me not to worry because he was a pro at it.
He said he would always wash them.
That was before he knew my problem.
Every time he washed the dishes he would call me into the kitchen.
Babe, hey, watch this..
He would proceed to put my dish under the faucet and rinse it out.
See? It's not that hard to rinse your dishes out.
I would smile and express my understanding, and assure him that I would wash them out from that point on.
Sadly, I couldn't break my habit.
Or maybe I could have.
Maybe I subconsciously decided not to because he continued to wash the dishes, regardless of my rinsing abilities.
But alas, about 2 months ago,
the day came when my husband said,
Autumn, it's your turn.
And then, there was a strike.
Tyler didn't wash the dishes,
I didn't wash the dishes,
No one washed the dishes.
We were in a dish stand off for about a week.
Tyler wanted me to cave and wash the dishes
but I wanted him to cave first.
Finally, he caved.
I walked into the kitchen and he was standing in front of the sink.
He was moving all of the dishes to one side of the sink so he could fill the other side with soapy water.
I stood at a distance and watched quietly as I smiled.
He was moving the very last dish (my cereal bowl from 1 week prior) over,
and as it passed under his nose....
He began dry heaving, ran out the kitchen door....and continued the heaving.
Apparently the milk had curdled.
Regardless of how hard and how much I laughed,
I felt terrible.
After that, I willingly started washing the dishes.
I even rinsed mine out before I put them in the sink!
This went on for, well, it went on until 1 week ago.
Last week, we had another stand off.
And yesterday, I was the one who caved.
I caved because there was a funky smell coming from the sink.
So one by one, I moved all of the dishes to one side of the sink.
An upside down mixing bowl appeared to be the last dish to move over.
I picked the bowl up...
and I began to dry heave.
I'm dry heaving right now just thinking about it..
When I picked up the bowl, 
I found the source of the funk.
Apparently 1 week ago, I didn't finish all of my fruity pebbles.
And apparently I just sat the soggy pebbles and milk in the sink.
After 1 week of incubation (thanks to the mixing bowl)
The result was a green/white gelatin-like blob.
I would describe the smell as a cross between diarrhea, rotten milk, cat pee, and Tyler's farts.

I hate washing dishes,
but I hate finding unidentified smelly things in my sink and dry heaving, more.
Therefore, from now on, I will ALWAYS rinse my dishes before I put them in the sink.
Yes, Tyler, I said it.


thecoffeehouse said...

we don't have a dishwasher either.
i feel like that's all i need to say.
i feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

It must be a Blount county thing because Christopher had a dish washer all his life (and I assume Tyler did too) yet he still prefers to wash them by hand AND insists I rinse everything out. Meh.

Cortney said...

My husband does the same thing to me "How hard is it just to run water over the dish?!" I don't know why it just is!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

HAha - I love your posts. Love them. They're SO much about everyday things but they're always funny.

And don't worry...even if you had a dishwasher, there would still be standoffs. I always cave. After like, a day.

Rachael said...

Hilarious! Girl, I can totally relate. I lived in an apartment for 7 years without a diswasher and it SUCKED! When I moved in with my now hubby, it was like moving into a luxury condo.. dishwasher, central air, and a washer/dryer.. all of which I didn't have before. It really is the little things in life!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Check out my Fab Friday Beauty Tip if you have some time!


Tere Shake said...

oh i would die without a dishwasher. but with a dishwasher comes putting the dang things away. thats where our "stand off's" begin. so then dishes get piled up and he NEVER rinses his dishes and we get the funk smell.

its awful.

Anonymous said...

this makes me feel awful. i do this to my husband EVERY time he eats. haha i'm like why can't you put them away!? it's like so imposibble for him! haha i'm definitely going to be nicer about it!

Ben & Cassie said...

This is hysterical, my husband is the certified dish washer as well. I would throw up, quite literally

Zia Blue said...

Ughhh, that's awful D:... I am so happy I have a dishwasher... except ours is so old and junky that you practically have to wash the dishes first anyway, so we have the same sort of problem xD


Anonymous said...
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Autumn Ingram said...

Oh girl.
Thank you.
I feel a special connection with you:)

Autumn Ingram said...

Probably so!
He is definitely serious about it.
Bless his heart.

Autumn Ingram said...

Yes it is!!!
If I hadn't found the smelly green blob, I probably would have never broken my habit. (I say broken my habit, but it's only been a few days...haha...)

Autumn Ingram said...

Thanks girl!!!
haha, that makes me feel better! Only a day though?? You are definitely a better wife;)

Autumn Ingram said...

Oh I will definitely feel like I'm living the high life when we move into a place that has a dishwasher! haha.
I will check it out!!:)

Autumn Ingram said...

oh yes. I'm sure unloading the dishwasher is a whole different story! I guess, no matter what, stand offs will always be present:)

Autumn Ingram said...

haha you and me, both! We'll try to be nicer, together:)

Autumn Ingram said...

Oh yeah, I think it is one of the most disgusting things ever! bleh.

Autumn Ingram said...

haha, I will take your old junky dishwasher!!! ;)

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

where have you been all my life! haha i read your blog and think "twinsies"! seriously, we *just* had a dishes strike (in fact...i have to do them when i get home...boo). and i forgot to rinse mine and there was mold and it was gross and i felt bad for my poor husband and his not-a-homemaker lazy wife. but that only lasted for 3 secs b/c he does the same thing. haha thank god we move next month to a new apt. with a dishwasher. also, love the "crusty rhino butt" post. lady, you read my mind! haha, what a great blog.