Peep Please!

Ok friends.
Today I am linking up with Jes and Crystal for Peep Please!

Two Smuppies

This week, we are showing the inside of our refrigerators to the world...
this could get scary.
It will get scary.
You've been warned.
Before I bare the insides of my fridge,
I want you to promise that you won't judge me.
Time for a peep show!
Are you ready?

Here is our fridge.
Yes, that is my dryer to the right.
(When I say our house is "cozy," I'm not just being lovey dovey.)
And you are correct, that is a partially dead tulip on top of it.

Before we go to the inside,
let's take a closer look of the outside.

Here is the top.
It is the home of my lettuce spinner, glass cake holder, a blender, mixing bowl, George Forman Grill, and mini muffin maker.

The freezer door.
Complete with a picture of us, pictures of 2 of our nieces, a list of birthdays and anniversaries for Tyler's family (so I can tell him when his parent's and brother's birthdays are), a calendar for church nursery (my eye just twitched), and Stephanie Qualls' save-the-date magnet.
Hey Stephanie!
Thanks for the magnet:)

The refrigerator door.
This is where Tyler puts his work schedule.
And what is that to the left?

I have no idea where these little magnetic balls came from.
All I know is that my brother thinks it's hilarious to make "man parts" with them.
I used to mess his works of art up.
But now I just leave them.
I've just accepted the fact that my refrigerator is male.


Here is the top shelf.
Roast beef, hot dog buns, a can of Progresso soup with a plastic baggie on top, jello, cheese salsa, and the corner of my iced coffee.
And the drawer is filled with cheese.
Lots of cheese.
We love cheese.

Oh, and there's hot dogs in there, too.

Second shelf.
milk, bagels, onion buns, onion, hamburger buns, Kraft chicken seasoning, a jug of salsa, and old, wrinkled grape tomatoes.

Third shelf.
Gingerale, a large burp-less cucumber (yes. burp-less), bread, and eggs.

All I can see is lettuce, apples, tortillas, aaaaand....

That bag looks suspicious.

A very old pear?
Want to know something funny..
I just closed the crisper after I took this picture.

Inside of the refrigerator door.
The condiment throne.
I spy some sour cream.
I've had bad experiences with sour cream.
I've also had bad experiences with cream cheese.

I decided to open my sour cream to see if I could explain my bad experiences.

Yes, I will be able to explain.
It looks semi normal from here...

For some reason sour cream and cream cheese like to grow straight up fungus while they are in my fridge.  
I have seen this so many times...
about 2 weeks after I buy them..
and I have no idea why.
Sometimes I have nightmares about it.
I'm pretty sure it has it's own heartbeat.


Ice trays, a 10 month old beef roast, bread, corn dogs, microwave rice..

Oh, and Tyler told me not to forget his four Rainbow Trout that he caught 8 months ago.
Hey fishies...
Sorry about your current living situation.

And last but not least, 
the freezer door.
Complete with hot pockets and freezer burned, half used hash browns.
And I'm not sure what that is in the corner.

There you have it.
My refrigerator, 
inside and out.
Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the fungus infested sour cream with the heart beat bite.


Cortney said...

haha this is too funny! I find things like that in our fridge, totally freaks me out!

Tere Shake said...

haha. that is funny! at least you have food in your fridge. we have NOTHING in ours.

Stephanie said...

Hahah! I was so excited about this link up because I was thinking my refrigerator is SO gross but most people I've seen who linked up...have really gross refrigerators! I'm still gonna do it! I can't believe you still have my magnet! Haha the one with the wrong venue on it. HA. And don't worry, you're not alone with the sour cream. I swear mine goes bad a day after I buy it. It gets so frustrating.

Jes said...

oh my god. i thought i had gollum living in my refrigerator! but now looking at yours, i think his cousin is living in your sour cream!

SO glad you linked up. i loved this!

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

hahah glad to know i'm not the only on with a crazy fridge!! love your blog lady, you and the hubs are too cute!