Do you have baby fever?
Are you yearning for little bundle of joy?
That's me.
 I, however, have discovered a very good BFR (baby fever reducer).
Church nursery.
One Sunday.
That's all it takes.
One to two hours in there, and it will immediately reduce your fever.
Sure, they're adorable, but once you spend a few hours with them,
and find yourself completely covered (from head to toe) with unknown crustations..
-ex. snot, boogers, slimy cheeto spit, etc..-
the fever will miraculously disappear.
Forget the Tylenol.
One hundred and twenty minutes of listening to them cry and fight over an etch a sketch,
and you will be threatening your uterus.

Of course, this BFR is not permanent.
When one of the miniature people walk over to you, look at you with their big eyes, wrap their arms around your neck, rub their snotty little nose on your shoulder,  give you a crooked grin and say,
 "I wipe-ed my nose on your shirt,"
the crazy fever returns.
Such strange/perfect little creatures.


Stephanie said...

Haha, that definitely works! Just wrote about baby fever, too. I need to find a nursery to volunteer in...

JJ said...

ha ha well said.

Mrs. Robinson said...

haha - so true! We had nursery during revival....oh. my. gosh. Horrible.

Tere Shake said...

oh my i had to be in nursery for almost 2 years! i about died, i hated it, i threated my bishop (who is also my dad) that if he ever wanted grandchildren he would release me asap! it was awful, and the parents of the children knew that i hated it!

Lauryn said...

I definitely have the occasional baby fever, but you are absolutely right! Spending an hour or two with other folks' babies is enough to put the baby making on hold for quite a while, haha!

Shaylynn... I blahwg n' stuff. said...

Oh my gosh, my baby fever is through the roof, not that it is even remotely possible for me to be pregnant right now.. every once in a stupid while I'll just be going along & think.. "i need a baby, i'm old.. I need a baby.." so basically baby fever is boredom.